Peer Software’s PeerLock 2.0 Offers More Granular File Management for Improved Collaboration

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New features provide more flexibility and control over file locking and releasing; includes cross domain file locking, narrower “release” intervals, and key performance enhancements for more efficient collaboration.

Most of the so-called collaboration tools on the market today expose

Peer Software, Inc. (, a global provider of enterprise-grade file and network management solutions for hundreds of Fortune 500 companies and government agencies, today announces PeerLock 2.0, offering key new features and enhancements to provide project teams of any size or geographical configuration with greater control over file management and collaboration. The only true stand-alone file locking solution on the market today offering real-time detection of file use and immediate remote locking, Peerlock’s core functionality ensures that when a user is modifying a file, no other user will be allowed to make changes to that file on any machine that the user has chosen to lock. The new version, Peerlock 2.0, eliminates several critical file management barriers (i.e., now files can be locked on any location even if the location is on a different domain), and facilitates more seamless collaboration by reducing file “release” intervals (longer “release” intervals increases the risk of “version conflict,” one of the main reasons collaborative projects are late, over-budget or fail).

PeerLock 2.0 adds locking options for more precise control, increases visibility into locked files across collaborative environments, and offers a number of enhancements to streamline overall performance. PeerLock 2.0 eliminates version conflict many users experience with Microsoft’s DFS Replication solution, as it adds true file-locking; project teams relying on the PeerSync Collaboration Package will realize immediate productivity gains, as collaboration is made even more efficient, reliable and transparent.

“In today's "collaborative" environments where data needs to be shared in real-time, i.e., among branch offices and project teams operating in multiple locations, it’s absolutely critical that version conflicts are eliminated and collaboration can proceed transparently and seamlessly,” said Paul Marsala, President of Peer Software. “Most of the so-called collaboration tools on the market today expose "live" documents to version conflict -- between the time a document is closed and replicated from point A, a colleague working from point B can make changes to a previous version. PeerLock 2.0 offers the surest and simplest way of eliminating version conflicts by providing a true file locking solution, offering real-time detection of file use and immediate remote locking.“

Key Features

  •     Cross Domain File Locking - Added ability to lock files on any location even if the location is on a different domain or on another machine requiring specific credentials for access.
  •     Performance - Improved Locking and Releasing Time: Files are locked and released in milliseconds instead of approximately one second per file.
  •     Detection Options - Dual Detection - Added the ability to use both Local and File Server Mode Detection for complete locking on machines that may have files opened from users connecting over the network as well as accessing the files locally.
  •     Ability to manipulate Locked List - Added ability to release locks from the PeerLock Locked list.
  •     Lock Options - Allow Access based on Source File: This feature adds the ability to Lock Target Files with the same access based on the Source File. When using this feature files on the source and their corresponding target(s) will be accessible by other users in the same manner: i.e. you cannot open the file, you can open the file for read access or you can open the file for read and write access. This is an important feature for applications that open some files for read and write access and other related files for read access, as well as, applications that just open Source Files for read access (such as for CAD resource files).
  •     Display - Release List - This new feature will store out recently released files and all information pertaining to the locking and releasing of those files including why the file was released (i.e. Manually, Locking Stopped, PeerLock Stopped or the Source File was released).
  •     Internal File Management - Cache Management: These features have been added to track and remove temporary files used by PeerLock. There are options to enable the caching, clear the cache at the start of locking and to clear the cache manually on demand.
  •      Failed Connections Retry - PeerLock will now store failed connections and retry them on a ten minute cycle. This should improve overall performance when connection losses occur.
  •     Performance - Optimized Lock and Release: Separated the Locking and Releasing cycles to allow for the ability to set the priority of each procedure.

Since its introduction in 1993, PeerSync has been used by thousands of organizations to keep their data secure, in-sync, and available continuously, without interruption. PeerSync unobtrusively monitors connections between storage points (e.g., server to server, desktop to server, desktop to desktop) and provides a range of manual, scheduled, and/or real-time file backup and synchronization routines. In addition, users can select multiple source-target configurations for speed and flexibility when dealing with multiple computers and storage devices.

PeerLock 2.0 is available directly from the Peer Software website ( or through authorized Peer resellers. For those ordering PeerLock 2.0 between now and October 1, it is $799 per server; after October 1, the price will increase to $999 per server.

About Peer Software
Peer Software develops powerful, cost-effective, and easy-to-use file and network management software allowing organizations to seamlessly, efficiently, and reliably protect their digital assets. The company’s flagship PeerSync software offers enterprise wide data protection (backup, synchronization, replication, and data distribution), and is designed for servers and workstations. Close to half of current Fortune 100 companies entrust critical file management to Peer Software. Customers include the Department of Justice, Fannie Mae, Microsoft, Boeing, Intel, American Express, Hewlett Packard, and more. The company’s software products are available online at , via other online channels, and through resellers in the U.S. and abroad. Founded in 1993, the company is privately held.


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