Simple Escapes Takes You to Haunted Places All Over the World

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SimpleEscapes, by Adaptive Marketing LLC, offers members important savings on hotels, car rentals, and other travel arrangements.

October is here again, 31 days of spooky tales and very scary entertainment offerings on both the big and small screens. Although these movies and shows are enough to cost you a good night's sleep, it's definitely more exciting to experience it in real-time, traveling to an unknown place with a haunted history.

Experienced and amateur ghost busters can arrange their trips (haunted or otherwise) through Simple Escapes, a travel and entertainment discount membership program offered by Adaptive Marketing LLC. These spooky-adventure seekers will find places for eerie encounters with ghosts, goblins and paranormal phenomena in every corner of the world; and no matter where they go, they can take advantage of instant savings on travel reservations and car rentals, along with discounts on hotel stays, meals at family restaurants, theme park admission tickets and other benefits offered by Simple Escapes.

SimpleEscapes has a few suggestions for ghost lovers in Europe and America:

-- Haunting Noises. Edinburgh, in Scotland, has been called the most haunted city in Europe. Spooky settings are spread out all over the city, and the magnificent Edinburgh Castle is the ideal place to start a ghostly tour of the city. The drummer who announced when the castle was being attacked still plays a tune every now and then, but he hasn't been seen since appearing hundreds of years ago as a headless boy playing the drums. Another noise that has been heard is the tune of a piper who was once sent out to explore the then-recently discovered tunnels underneath the castle. Halfway down the Royal Mile, the piping suddenly stopped, and the rescue party that was sent to investigate never found a trace of the poor man. Along with the ghosts of the Castle, other famous ghosts in Edinburgh include the Corstorphine White Lady, Johnny One Arm, and the Royal Mile Death Coach.

-- Sunbathing Ghosts. As America's oldest city, St. Augustine, Florida, has its fair share of hauntings. The "Caspers" of the city are so famous that various ghost tours now operate year-round. Those who dare to see them firsthand stay at the St. Francis Inn, where the ghost of a young African-American girl has been seen floating around. Other visitors opt to make a reservation at the Casablanca Inn, hoping to see the light on the balcony. Legend has it that a widow who ran a boarding house in the same building back in the 1930s used to swing a lantern back and forth on the balcony to warn rumrunners when government revenuers were in town. That light supposedly still shines on clear nights in the moonlight.

-- White House Ghosts. Since 1800, this splendid house has been the residence of the Presidents of the United States, but even though the periods of reign for most of them ended long ago --and, in fact, most of them are now dead-- a few of them decided to never leave. That's right. The White House is said to be another site of paranormal activity, so much that even the respectable Eleanor Roosevelt once said she felt Abraham Lincoln staring at her while working in the room that carries his name. Other staff members have seen the late Great Emancipator walking down the hallways or staring outside a window at the Oval Office. William Henry Harrison and Andrew Jackson are also said to be wandering around different rooms, and First Lady Abigail Adams has apparently decided to stay in the house. Some have seen her floating through hallways in the house, as if carrying something in her hands.

Ghost hunting is another fun activity to include in any vacation plans. And to avoid any scary surprises when traveling while enjoying great deals on travel arrangements, entertainment, meals, shopping and many other benefits, go with SimpleEscapes.

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SimpleEscapes is a leading membership discount program offered by Adaptive Marketing LLC. Headquartered in Norwalk, Conn., Adaptive Marketing is a category leader in membership programs, bringing value direct to consumers through an array of benefits in healthcare, discounts, security, personal property and personals. Members may access their benefits at . With broad online and offline distribution capabilities, Adaptive Marketing offers its corporate client partners effective tools to enhance market presence, strengthen customer affinity and generate additional value through programs such as Simple Escapes.

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