New Health Freedom Score Card Survey Asks Presidential Hopefuls to Define Their Positions

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A tough "Health Freedom Score Card" is being emailed and faxed to Democratic and Republican Presidential candidates by voters who want Health Freedom issues to occupy a central place in this election. The Natural Solutions Foundation has supplied a tool with which Americans can ask their candidates where they stand on critical Health Freedom issues by sending them a survey with explicit questions focused on current threats to personal health choices. The questions include 'hot buttons' impacting the lives of Americans like "Should children ever be taken away from parents who do not agree to have them drugged?", "Do you believe in compulsory vaccination?", "Do you know that the FDA allegedly conducts armed raids against doctors who practice natural medicine and do you believe that they should do so?" Candidates' responses will be publicized nationally by the Natural Solutions Foundation.

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A highly specific and detailed "Health Freedom Score Card" asking Presidential candidates where they stand on specific and highly controversial questions is being emailed and faxed by thousands of potential supporters -- and donors -- to the 16 Republican and Democratic contenders for the 2008 Presidential election. The Natural Solutions Foundation's hundreds of thousands of supporters anticipate that this tool will help candidates develop Health Freedom campaign planks so that voters can make informed choices when they go to the polls in 2008 and chose to whom they want to make their campaign contributions.

Close to seventy five thousand voters have already sent the detailed Score Card to the candidates asking for clear and precise definitions of their positions on issues like whether the FDA is abusing its power by conducting warrentless, violent armed raids on doctors and manufacturers who use or make natural, not pharmaceutical, health products, whether federal funds should be used for compulsory mental health screening (which is frequently followed by compulsory drugging and whether children should be forced to take medication, including chemotherapy) if their parents do not want them to receive drug treatment. Current legislation before Congress, the Child Medication Safety Bill, would prohibit compulsory drugging for alleged mental health problems.

The Natural Solutions Foundation invites others to join in this grass roots effort to define the campaign issues that are of significance to them by sending the Score Card, too. There is no charge for using the Score Card but tax exempt donations are strongly invited to cover the cost of this massive campaign.

In the Health Freedom Score Card, candidates are also asked to take a stand on what many Health Freedom advocates see as the down-grading of America's health and its loss of national sovereignty through food "Harmonization", by which Codex Alimentarius, an international standard, is applied to the US food supply even when it violates US law or international agreements. The Natural Solutions Foundation believes that America's health is being negatively impacted by this "Harmonization" because the US food supply is being systematically degraded through compliance with lower international standards. They also believe that Americans' freedom to choose healthy foods is dangerously restricted when it is widely contaminated with dangerous contaminants, irradiated, genetically modified, etc., through this "Harmonization". Consumers are at a significant disadvantage in making informed decisions about such degredaded food because these components are not labeled.

Since participation in international agencies and bodies like the World Trade Organization (WTO), the United Nations and the North American Union are intimately tied to these changes in food quality, the Score Card allows voters to ask candidates whether they support continued participation in these bodies and what, if anything, they pledge to do if they are elected to change America's position in these bodies -- or not.

To date, only one candidate, Ron Paul (D-TX), includes a Health Freedom plank in his campaign platform. In a recent GOP debate, Dr. Paul stated that freedom from FDA interference with health choices was a basic American right. He should score well on that part of the Score Card. The Natural Solutions Foundation and its grass roots supporters believe that every candidate should make their positions on these issues clear. Candidates who do -- and do not -- declare their positions on each of these issues will be noted in the final Score Card report.

Concerned citizens are invited to participate in the Score Card project by using the Foundation's secure site and sending the Score Card to their candidate. The Foundation believes that the weight of public pressure through Score Card faxes and emails will demonstrate to the presidential candidates just how important an issue Health Freedom is and how many potential campaign supporters regard it as a central issue in the campaign.

The Natural Solutions Foundation ( is a not-for-profit, tax exempt Non Governmental Organization (NGO) which provides information and action options directed to promoting and protecting health freedom in the US and elsewhere. It supports access to natural health options, including clean, unadulterated food, high potency dietary supplements, etc. It regularly mobilizes huge numbers of people to communicate with Congress, the FDA and other decision-making bodies on the issues that concern it. The Health Freedom Score Card is an outreach to current and future US political decision-makers around these critically important issues.

Through its strong grass roots base, Congressional education, attendance at international meetings such as Codex Alimentarius and meetings with Heads of State and other international decision makers, the Foundation is able to bring the health and health freedom concerns of natural health users and practitioners to a global audience. The US is a global leader in food and health freedom issues so the Health Freedom Score Card can be expected to impact Health Freedom here in the US and on a wider front via a strong ripple effect.


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