Lose Weight 4 Humanity Launches Campaign To Fight Obesity In America

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Lose Weight 4 Humanity today launched a fundraising campaign to inspire weight loss among overweight Americans. Spokesman for the campaign is jazz recording artist Onaje Allan Gumbs.

"Lose A Pound, Save A Life" is the concept behind the fund raising campaign launched today by Lose Weight 4 Humanity (http://www.LoseWeight4Humanity.com) with a goal to inspire overweight Americans to lose weight in order to experience improved health and a better quality of life. Campaign participants commit to a five week weight loss initiative with their thoughts not on what weight loss can do for them, but what it can do for the world. Spokesman Onaje Allan Gumbs, jazz recording artist, composer, producer and internationally recognized advocate for world peace, brings to the campaign a deep compassion for humanity, and a voice that is well-respected throughout the entertainment industry. His 1986 recording, Dare To Dream, written as a message of hope and encouragement for humanity, has been selected as the theme song.

The focus of the campaign is the global water crisis that's plaguing 1.1 billion people and claims the lives of nearly 2 million annually. 90% of those dying are children under age 5, who are more vulnerable to the diseases associated with drinking unclean water. The organization Lose Weight 4 Humanity has partnered with to help victims overcome this tragedy is Thirst Relief International, a charity that distributes and implements clean water systems consisting of concrete Biosand filters and shallow wells.

The cost to build, deliver, and install a filter is $50-$75, which benefits on average ten people. The cost to drill a new well is $2,000-$4,000 which benefits five hundred to one thousand people. This means clean drinking water can be provided for a little more or less than $5 per person.

This is where the "Lose A Pound, Save A Life" concept comes in. Participants will ask friends, family, co-workers and employers to sponsor their weight loss effort by pledging to donate to Thirst Relief $5 for every pound they lose. If one person loses five pounds and has ten sponsors, that's $250 raised and up to fifty lives saved. Five hundred people would be $125,000 and up to 25,000 lives. Five thousand participants would raise enough to save up to 250,000 lives.

"250,000 lives would be an achievement to be proud of," says founder Charles Allen, "and can easily be accomplished if a few corporations made it a company-wide fundraiser. This would be a smart move, as obese employees will not feel singled out as with current policies implemented to stem rising healthcare costs where obesity is a major factor. At a time when obesity in the workplace is creating hardship for employees and employers alike, we believe this campaign, by focusing on such a great humanitarian cause, will yield huge rewards for everyone it touches."

Lose Weight 4 Humanity is a volunteer fund raising organization based out of West Orange, New Jersey. For more information, contact Charles Allen, founder and director of fundraising.


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