Patch Technology Keeps Harmful Chemicals Out of the Bloodstream

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New product line offers a safe alternative to conventional skin patches.

The Sense of Smell Lab, a division of The Orion Group Ltd., announced today that they will incorporate the sophisticated non transdermal patch to their new Scent Therapy product line. The patch technology uses a uniquely designed adhesive barrier to prevent their proprietary scent formulas from crossing the skin and entering the bloodstream. The company currently uses a non transdermal patch with their libido enhancing product, Scentuelle, which is receiving positive reviews for its non invasive approach to health and wellness.

Skin patches are widely used by pharmaceutical companies to deliver drugs and other medicines into the bloodstream by absorption through the skin. Once these ingredients enter the bloodstream, they indiscriminately circulate to all tissues and systems in the body which is the chief cause of the many side effects of taking prescription medication.

The company said their non transdermal patch uses the exact opposite approach. They are engineered with an adhesive barrier to ensure that nothing passes through the skin or enters the bloodstream. The active scent molecules infused in the patch are delivered directly to the mood centers of the brain through the sense of smell. This makes non transdermal patches safe and free of side effects.

The company is betting that baby boomers, facing a life expectancy predicted to add another 20 or 30 years to their retirement years, will seek out safer options to maintain their health and wellness. With the growing alarm over the side effects of many prescription and over-the-counter drugs, the sales of alternative health products are reaching unprecedented levels, driven by smaller companies exploring non invasive approaches to health and wellness.

"Our drug culture comes with a huge price," says Linda Ryan, president of The Sense of Smell Lab, a world leader in developing products that use the sense of smell to influence behavior. "This is the band-aid approach to health... the short-term solution. Consumers are seeking safer alternatives to maintain their health. The non transdermal patch is designed with that market in mind."

The Sense of Smell Lab is a pioneer in the fusion of science and nature to develop products for health and wellness. Their innovative Scent Therapy products use lab-engineered scent molecules blended with essential oils to enhance moods and influence behavior. The aroma formulas are infused in the non transdermal patch delivered directly to the nose of the users when it is inhaled.

The company has been monitoring response to the non transdermal patch with Scentuelle which has been available for over two years and has received no negative feedback from users.

"We're not surprised," says Ryan. "The patch was designed as a safe delivery system. That's what consumers are looking for."

The Scent Therapy product line, which will be introduced in November, will include patches for diet and weight management, relaxation and smoking cessation. Scentuelle is currently available from the company's website at:

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