Just Coach It Launches the Five Wolves Coaching Program

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The Five Wolves Coaching Program helps high performers tackle chaotic multiple challenges with a special set of strengths and competencies that affect powerful change, support true passion, unlock huge potential in life, in leadership and work.

After a business career of leadership and success, and a life threatening crucible that took life coach, Irene Becker, from the mountain of success to starting her life over again from ground zero, Irene realized that being smart, fast and well trained was not enough. Our world of accelerating change, challenge and crisis requires new tools to gain high advantage and purpose. Based on years of coaching senior executives, professionals and other coaches, Irene Becker has created the Five Wolves Coaching Program, a confidential and boundary-less executive coaching service.

"The Five Wolves metaphor came to me in a nightmare during a dark period in my life," said Irene Becker, Chief Success Officer, of Just Coach It. "It was at my ground zero that enabled to transform the stresses, changes, challenges and crisis that I faced into strengths. From that experience, years of client work and a huge amount of research we built the Five Wolves Coaching Progam. Its core is ten CRITICAL competencies that took people faster, better and with greater meaning, purpose, success and fulfillment than ever before."

Irene discovered how to WIN the race with all five wolves by building ten key strengths and competencies she calls the new currency of success.

"Irene helped me to get rid of my inner critic, to see my strengths, challenges, fears with different eyes. Eyes that helped me achieve the self confidence, and build the emotional intelligence that has changed my life."
A.B., CEO, Brussels, Belgium

"It's the small companies like Just Coach It that are leading the way, and Irene Becker is one of the finest runners in the race. She is a highly evolved human being. Her coaching capabilities are peerless and she knows how to guide people into a way of thinking that brings back their inner smile."
Leon Benjamin, CRM Expert, Author, Winning by Sharing, London, England

Being smart, fast and well trained are no longer enough. American corporations spend in excess of $310 billion per year to help executives and employees win the race with the five wolves that can pounce upon, threaten or destroy one's personal life, career, business and/or peace of mind:

  • Corporate, business or personal change/shock
  • Communication or relationship building challenges, interpersonal conflicts and problems
  • Increasing life and work demands, changes, challenges; as well as difficult transitions or turning points
  • Personal stumbling blocks that grow with one's level of stress, and can impede or insidiously erode one's true purpose, potential and success in life and work
  • Life, work and health crises that can strike in what seems like a blink of an eye leaving one stuck in stasis, frustration, silent pain and discouragement.

The Five Wolves Coaching Program focuses at re-framing these multiple threats into strengths and competencies:

  • IQ, the engagement of intelligence, creativity, whole brain thinking in the face of stresses.
  • EQ, the realization of one's ability to understand and manage one's emotions, understand the emotions of others and USE one's thoughts and emotions to INSPIRE, ENGAGE and LEAD the best in one's self and others.
  • SQ, the ability to tap into the power within, one's spiritual capacity in life and work.

Clients discover a haven from personal and political agendas where they can speak their truth, share their wins, challenges, stresses, even failures in total non-judgment and confidentiality with a coach who will work with them to develop a custom coaching program that fits. Incorporating existing personal development programs or ongoing training with the Five Wolves emphasis on optimizing or maximizing strengths and transforming stresses into one's greater personal and competitive advantage and potential, while also helping clients discover or re-discover their happiness set point in life and career:

STAGE I: Complimentary consultation to determine if the coach/coachee(s) fit is excellent.

STAGE II: Intake and review of personal and professional goals and objectives. When working within an organization goals and objectives are discussed and agreed upon between coach, coachee, and organization hiring coach.

STAGE III: Assessment, Debrief and Action Plan

STAGE IV: Integration of Action Plan and Development of Personal Tools and Strategies for the client

STAGE V: Accomplishment of short term (3 month goals), review of work to be done going forward.

STAGE VI: 3 months of monthly follow up sessions, or, bi-monthly or monthly coaching for executives who benefit greatly from ongoing executive coaching.

Are you ready to re-ignite your passion for the possible and WIN the race with Five Wolves?

About Just Coach It:
In addition to the Just Coach It Five Wolves Coaching Program covering Executive, Personal and Mentor Coaching Services and Programs, they also offer QUICKSTEP single session stress buster and personal focus sessions, E-Assessments-Debriefs-Action Plans, 10 Week Speed Coaching Programs and an excellent platform of made to measure workshops, tele-classes and keynotes. Today, Irene Becker works by telephone, skype, video-conferencing and/or face to face helping clients in business, the professions, the arts WIN the race with wolves.

Company Contact: Irene Becker, Chief Success Officer, Just COACH IT. Toll Free Cda & USA 1-866-724-8797, INTERNATIONAL 1-905-889-0940, http://www.justcoachit.com.

Media Contact: Howard Oliver, What If What Nextâ„¢ - Web2.0 PR, 416-638-8582


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