Vertechs Announces a New Home Elevator Built to Industrial Safety Standards

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As the price drops, more homeowners and builders are opting to look at the residential elevator as the next home appliance.

Vertechs Industries has developed a new and affordable home elevator that brings the features and safety of industrial elevators into the home just as homeowners begin looking at the residential elevator as the new home appliance.

Full automatic sliding elevator doors have long prevented accidents in commercial settings. Historically, design constraints have made such technology unavailable to homeowners. Vertechs has now changed the industry landscape with the introduction of safe and convenient "real" elevator doors. These doors are designed to perform in the same way as commercial elevators doors while staying within a homeowner's budget.

Vertechs Industries Inc., based in Ontario, Canada, a leader in elevator safety, makes it physically impossible for children or pets to get between the two sets of automatic double doors. Full-length light curtains sense any obstruction or movement and combine with a computer-based logic center to provide ultimate safety.

With the convenience of fully automatic doors, there's no need to try to bypass the home elevator's safety features. If anyone attempts to bypass the system, the advanced controller detects any unauthorized alterations from its original set up, providing fault signals that prevent the elevator from moving until the fault is cleared and the elevator is safe to move.

"Why should people be protected in elevators outside their home but not in it?" asks Luis Barrios, General Manager of Vertechs Industries. "We promote home elevator safety and affordability in everything we do from the way it's designed, installed, used, and maintained."

"For safety and liability reasons, nobody should drive a car without a thorough safety inspection; for the same reasons nobody should use a home elevator unless it's built to code," declares Barrios, whose elevators are built to national, state and local codes including ASME/ANSI A17.1 2004, ICC/ANSI A117.1, and the NFPA 70 National Electric code.

To further safety and expedite correct installation while reducing cost, Vertechs has simplified residential elevator design in a number of areas. On critical elevator guide rails, which must be perfectly aligned for a safe, smooth ride, installers can typically take days to get the alignment, distance, and welds just right. To compress this process into a few hours, Vertechs pre-welds and pre-aligns the guide rail sections. Installers just align the guide rail sections with a laser beam then stack them.

The company has removed much of the guesswork and time consuming interpretation from architects' and installers' jobs as well. Where typical elevator drawings provide just the layout with the minimum dimensions and require the architect to decide many details, the company provides all the architectural specifications and details so there's no delay or misinterpretation.

To ensure that these elevators are built to code in the fastest, most efficient and cost effective way possible, Vertechs has even looked at how installers interact. Installers typically must dig through their toolboxes to find the correct tool and sometimes wait for each other to finish jobs before borrowing the right tool. Vertechs provides installers with identical toolboxes including all the tools needed for the job.

"It's about time that someone helped building professionals adapting multi-level construction to the needs of baby boomers and the marketplace," concludes Barrios.
"As boomers get older and property more costly, a safe convenient home elevator will keep boomers independent and mobile on multi-level floor plans. They are rapidly moving from luxury to the next home appliance."

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