Entrepreneur Mel Abraham Receives Certified Master Strategist & Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming Designations

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Mel H. Abraham received his certification through Synergistic Results International, The American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and American Board of Hypnotherapy. These certifications are culmination of over 200 hours of training and testing as well as demonstrating the ability to apply the techniques to assist individuals and businesses realize their success and potential in a more effective and efficient fashion.

Mel H. Abraham entrepreneur, University professor, coach and award-winning speaker has earned the Certified Master Strategist, Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Certified Master Hypnotherapist designations. These certifications are culmination of over 200 hours of training and testing as well as demonstrating the ability to apply the techniques to assist individuals and businesses realize their success and potential in a more effective and efficient fashion.

The designations are conferred by Synergistic Results International (SRI) only on accomplished professionals who have earned it by meeting strict criteria. Designees must document a proven track record of continuing experience and expertise as well as a commitment to ongoing education, outstanding client service and ethical behavior. Further, the focus of the designee is to serve individuals, business and communities by applying the tools to nurture and empower people and organizations to live their potential and be the best they can be. Abraham is one of 79 professionals to earn the designations in the class of 2007. Abraham was honored during a ceremony on October 27, 2007 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Since 1993, Mel H. Abraham has used his business acumen, entrepreneurial spirit, strategic vision and valuation experience to provide numerous educational and entertaining presentations around the country. Aside from his valuation programs, Mel's programs have also focused on developing executives, businesses and entrepreneurs to their fullest potential while creating an abundant and balanced life. He combines the traditional mechanics of business and the important psychological issues based on NLP principles making his perspective and presentations one-of-a-kind. Mel uses his decades of entrepreneurial and consulting experience to provide executive and leadership coaching as well as help his client's build their businesses. He is the founder of The SAVE Foundation a charitable non-profit organization dealing with raising the awareness and providing education related to abuse and violence against women and children.

"You can't be successful in life or business without having both, the business and financial skills as well as the leadership and communication skills combining to achieve your outcomes. You accelerate this achievement by empowering those you work with and around you to actualize their own goals and dreams at the same time!", says Mel H. Abraham, an award-winning speaker, consultant and strategist who has served as a board member to a number of organizations including currently as a director of a $100.0 million company founded in the late 1880's. Abraham is the president of Mel H. Abraham, Inc. and specializes in valuations and strategic coaching for businesses and individuals. (http://www.MelAbraham.com).

His top three recommendations for helping achieve success in business, relationships, health or other facets of life are:

1. Focus on Resources. "Many times businesses, individuals and communities focus on their lack of resources instead of focusing on resourcefulness as well as the resources they have available to them. What they don't realize is that an organization and the mind cannot focus on the lack of resources, while at the same time trying to find resources. Simply said, the solutions to a problem cannot be found within the problem. Effectively, while we are continually focusing on the problem we cannot see the solutions outside of the problem. The strategies and thought processes that got the individual, business or community to their current level of success will not be the same strategies and thought processes that will move them beyond it. They will need to blow out the boundary of their thought to allow for continued and accelerated growth." states Abraham.

2. Develop a Strategy. Abraham teaches that one of the worst things you can do is to not have a strategy or not be consciously aware of the strategy you are running. Not having a strategy is like trying to drive across country without a road map. You may eventually get their but it certainly won't be the most effective and efficient way to do so. Abraham assists in developing strategies as well as strategic alternatives that allow his clients to achieve success and excel at an accelerated rate. Having a clearly defined strategy that coincides with a clearly defined purpose keeps a company or individual on track with their desired outcome.

3. Learnings are the Key to a Compelling Future. Many people live their lives in fear of failing. They become frozen and decide not to make any choice which in fact is a choice in and of itself. Going back to his martial arts experience Abraham states, "Courage is not the absence of fear, but action in the face of fear." No matter the action that is taken by an organization or person, they will achieve a result. Now that result may be what they expected and anticipated or it may be totally unexpected and unanticipated. Either way, you achieved a result. The mistake that's made is when the result is not, what was expected, many will give it a meaning of "failure". Whereas the reality is that it's simply feedback and what becomes most important at that moment is to understand what the feedback is telling you. In other words, take the positive learnings from the situation and determine how you can use these learnings to do things differently in the future. If organizations, communities and individuals take on this mindset, they will notice that their thought processes will expand, there openness to try new strategies will grow and ultimately their results were will flourish. Abraham states. "Change is Inevitable - Progress is Intentional!"

His programs allow you to learn not only how the mind works but how to work with the mind to achieve ANY results you want. Your dreams are a thought away. No this is not The Secret revisited but it is the missing link to make The Secret a reality.

Abraham just completed program with the Henderson Fire Department as well as R.C. Willey (a Berkshire Hathaway Company) providing them various tools to more effectively accomplish their mission. He provides coaching, consulting and strategic work with individuals, entrepreneurs and executives to raise their level of success and effectiveness in their lives. He is also the creator of the "Entrepreneur Bootcamp" Building a Business from Cradle to Legacy and Creating Life Strategies That Work.

About Mel Abraham and the "Entrepreneur Bootcamp" Building a Business from Cradle to Legacy" Seminar

The "Entrepreneur Bootcamp" Building a Business from Cradle to Legacy" seminar is led by Mel H. Abraham, author, award-winning speaker and renowned consultant with a Ventura County based business coaching and strategy firm. Abraham specializes in valuations and strategic coaching for businesses and individuals. He teaches service professionals to become powerful business builders by applying proven marketing strategies and technological tactics for efficiency. For more information, visit http://www.MelAbraham.com or http://ww.SynergisticSuccessSystems.com.

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