Global Printing Solution Provider, BIXOLON, Announces its BIXOLON Mobile Printer SPP-R200 has been Awarded GD Mark from Korea Institute of Design Promotion

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BIXOLON Samsung mini printers, today announced that its BIXOLON Mobile Printer SPP-R200 has been awarded GD mark from Korea Institute of Design Promotion (KIDP).

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BIXOLON Samsung mini printers, today announced that its BIXOLON Mobile Printer SPP-R200 has been awarded GD mark from Korea Institute of Design Promotion (KIDP). According to Industrial Design Promotion Law, the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy (MOCIE) and Korea Institute of Design Promotion (KIDP) evaluates products with regard to their exteriors, functions, materials, economic sense, etc. to determine the degree of overall design excellence. Products that make the grade and are considered to meet high design excellence are granted the Good Design mark. BIXOLON Mobile Printer SPP-R200 was given the GD mark in 2007.

In making it possible for the SPP-R200 to earn the GD mark, consumer convenience was a paramount consideration, as described below, in order to facilitate maximum ease of use.

Primary Material
Polycarbonate (PC)

Processing Method and Finishing Distinctions
The outer cover was formed through the dual injection of a material compound (Polycarbonate Urethane), and the surface was then extended.

Design Objective
With customer convenience as our top priority, product design focused on eradicating the common design of previous industrial printers and applying an elegant design to satisfy consumer tastes. To this end, design features include the easy placement of paper, the addition of a display showing battery capacity in stages, the application of a clear window for easy confirmation of remaining paper quantity, etc. In addition, a harmony of orange and black colors was used to positively reflect the colors of BIXOLON's brand. The internal mechanisms were composed to naturally flow into the external design, internal reinforcement was designed along with the selection of materials incorporating shock resistance from dropping and durability, and the full package was created in a compact size to correspond with the product's nature as a mobile printer and pose no inconvenience in portability. In particular, considering that the use of the Magnetic Strip Card Reader (MSR) can vary by consumer and situation, it was included in the design of this product but measures were taken to keep the size compact. Thus, this product was the first to introduce an attachable/detachable MSR module using a toggle mechanism. Bixolon has applied for a patent for this function.

Mold Features
To achieve a 'Compact yet Rugged' structure, the extra space required for a Magnetic Strip Card Reader Module was nullified by the attachable/detachable module using a toggle mechanism (currently in patent processing, Application Number: 10-2006-0094354), thus strengthening the product's high-tech image. Reflecting the excessive shock that may result from dropping the product, the external composition is dual injected and each corner uses urethane for protection, thus giving the product a sturdy appearance and promoting a sense of safety for consumers regarding potential drops

Utility and Safety Considerations
As suggested by its name, a mobile printer must maximize features related to its use while on the move. The immediacy of operation is incorporated via the vertical placement of control buttons in order to allow for comfortable use using just one hand. All status indicators on the exterior, including the battery capacity display (4 battery-capacity stages), have been rounded, and the feel of the grip has been optimized. In addition, the hazards that could lead to user injury during product use have been minimized. Also, to allow first-time users to easily replace paper, the drop-in and print method has been adopted, and a clear window on the printer allows confirmation of paper capacity without the need to open the paper cover. An attachable/detachable MSR module using a toggle mechanism has also been used. As dropping of the product is common by users using the mobile printer while on the move, not only have the materials been selected to compensate for this, but also other options and accessories have been developed (belt strap, leather case that can be affixed directly to belts, pants, or skirts, etc.), allowing customers to use the product while not necessarily holding it in their hands.

Productivity and Price Considerations
Via the design of main parts and modules that incorporate 'Compact yet Rugged' design, the assembly structure has been simplified, contributing to productivity enhancement. Such design and considerations have been adopted to allow for the quick and easy resolution of possible issues by service professionals in markets around the world. (BIXOLON currently maintains a sales network covering approximately 60 countries.)

Environment-Friendly Considerations
1. Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS)
A hazardous-substances removal process was established in 2003, and the Pb Free standard was applied to all products in 2004. In addition, the RoHS Free standard was comprehensively applied from May 2006 and was applied to the mobile printers released in May 2007, reflecting the ongoing environment-friendly aspect of BIXOLON products. Following its ISO9001 certification, BIXOLON is currently in the process of becoming the fifth company in the country to gain QC80000 IECQ HSPM certification. All PoHS data regarding partners and all parts and homogenous materials have been secured and are being managed. In addition, MSDS and substance specifications required in the data of all products have been secured, and BIXOLON possesses both a hazardous-substances analysis center and ED-XRF equipment as part of its thorough hazardous-substances management.

2. Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)
BIXOLON was the first in the country to complete WEEE analysis of TUV and achieve a 100% WEEE standard material display. It has secured a recycling manual and report card.

3. EuP
The pinion gear used inside the motor has been designed to be environment-friendly, and halogen free is being applied, and LCA analyzed. Also, the Eco design checklist has been secured, and, among others, the CE, CB, and Energy Star certifications have been obtained.

In 1993 Samsung Electro-Mechanics' printing business department started designing the ECR mechanism. After 10 years of business growth and success the business department of the mini printing sector decided to become an independent corporation: BIXOLON, and in 2002 received the support for independence from Samsung Electro-Mechanics. The motivation for the spin-off was to grow within the industry by adding and specializing in technology and BIXOLON continuously focus on POS, Auto ID, and Mobile printers which are essential tools in data verification and application. These products improve information system operations and increase the user's text processing capacity. BIXOLON products are internationally approved and trusted by customers all around the globe in over 70.

BIXOLON pledges to continue to strive to be a leader in the industrial printer market that always puts the customer first and focuses on customer convenience.

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