Walk2BFit.Com™ - Announces The World's First On-line Strategic Partnership Saving Lives A-Step-At-A-Time

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The partnership effort offers products and education on-line to reduce and prevent diabetes related lower extremity amputations directly related to improper daily foot care AND to help diabetics get up on their feet walking towards good health COMFORTABLY.

Never before in the history of on-line commerce have name brand companies come together with a single on-line partnership objective to create a total 'walking solution' for people with diabetes. SmartKnit® - Walk2BFit™ and Propet® team up for healthier feet.

"Both my father and grandmother died from diabetes related foot complications. During my pedorthic studies I learned that had the education been available to them 15 years ago, this could have been prevented. Our partnership mission is to educate consumers, provide great affordable products and provide an online 'place' that understands the problems diabetics struggle with each day." Maribeth Bunch, Founder of Walk2BFit, says, "I use my own personal weight loss journey of having lost 170 lbs. to help motivate and inspire others. I was morbidly obese and on the same path as generations before me and I had to make some serious life changing decisions that brought me to where I am today. The changes I made will benefit my children and my grandchildren and the generations to follow. It's our mission to help people believe that they too can make those decisions and improve the quality of their lives and their families' lives by providing education and tools in one online place." Maribeth Bunch also said.

Walk2Bfit.Com has launched the "Walkers Special" to help people get up on their feet at a price they can't beat ~ for every pair of arch supports ordered, customers receive a Free pair of Propet leather walking shoes And a pair of Comfort Cushions designed to absorb step shock. This shoe can be found at retail stores around the country for up to $139.00. All of the products are designed to get consumers on their feet and keep them walking those extra steps towards good health.

Studies have shown that walking only 2 hours per day lengthens the life of people with diabetes and lowers their mortality rate from all causes by 39%. People with diabetes who engage in any type of activity at least 2 hours a week had a 29% lower mortality risk compared with inactive people. Walking 3-4 hours a week reduced mortality from all causes by 54%. Walking can save lives our partnership alliance with SmartKnit and Propet USA has enabled us to provide the optimal walking solution for diabetics. Saving lives a step-at-a-time.

Walk2BFit announced their recent partnership with SmartKnit and Propet early July 2007. These companies have come together to form a total diabetic Safe, doctor approved comfort solution to help diabetics walk towards good health. Only Walk2BFit offers a one-stop online solution. Maribeth Bunch says, "Diabetic foot care education can save lives what people don't know, can hurt them. Walk2BFit provides the education, products and will soon have a community forum, and an online certified pedorthist." From shoes, arch supports, diabetic socks and diabetic foot care products Walk2BFit is the only walking on-line walking solution that offers consumers a one-stop place to learn, interact and shop! Walk2BFit also provides a link to the American Podiatric Medical Association web site to help diabetics find a foot doctor in their area.

Without proper foot care, it's almost impossible to maintain the level of activity necessary and recommended for a diabetic's well being. Whether it's ensuring mobility, protection, or comfort, people with diabetes have special needs when it comes to choosing proper footwear. Because of the disease, a diabetic's feet and legs are at a high risk for loss of sensation (neuropathy), reduced circulation, delayed wound healing, and infection. These potential complications can lead to serious health care complications. Walk2BFit provides Diabetics safe online footwear solutions.

"If socks could be state-of-the-art, the SmartKnit line of products would fall in that category." stated Jeff Dalbey, Director of R&D for Knit-Rite. "Extensive research of best yarns, design, and manufacturing deliver innovative performance products that excel in delivering protection for the wearer."

Controlling moisture and reducing bacteria can be foot care issues for diabetics, athletes, and people on their feet for extended periods. SmartKnit offers products made from various yarns including CoolMax®. These yarns are "moisture-wicking" fibers that pull moisture away from the foot thereby reducing friction. These fibers also allow the sock to dry up to four times faster than socks made with cotton. The SmartKnitHEALTH and SmartKnitACTIVE socks are also available with the silver fiber X-STATIC®. These antimicrobial silver fibers help reduce the growth of infection-causing bacteria within the sock. Mark Smith, President of Knit-Rite, stated, "We are focused on helping our customers make smarter choices for their active lives."

We are proud to announce the new addition of Dr. Scott Kantro, your FREE Walk2BFit on-line Podiatrist and sports medicine specialist. Dr. Kantro has conducted extensive research in the areas of biomechanics, fitness, walking, diabetes, and footwear and has made numerous media appearances in Japan, Europe, Canada and the United States speaking on various health concerns related to diabetes, fitness, and walking.

Dr. Kantro holds several patents related to orthotics and footwear. He has served as a consultant to several footwear, footcare, and professional sports teams including Donna Karan, HH Brown, Seton-Scholl International, Wilson Sporting Goods, Bata Shoe Company, New York Giants and Jacksonville Jaguars regarding the prevention of lower extremity and back injuries as they relate to the science of biomechanics, orthotics and footwear.

His imaginative and highly visual presentations focusing on walking, its effects on the human body, and its correlation to footwear, have sparked national interest among media and fitness experts because of his varied, eye-catching, use of effective demonstration materials.

Dr. Kantro is a recognized specialist in the field of educating others about biomechanics, diabetes, exercise, and walking techniques, he offers advice on the influence of footwear in the prevention of injuries and the utilization of footwear for the treatment and prevention of musculoskeletal and diabetic disorders.

Dr. Kantro graduated from Colorado State University and from the California College of Podiatric Medicine. Currently, Dr. Kantro is the CEO of Visual Footcare Technologies, a privately held manufacturing and marketing company in the medical device and diagnostics markets.

The Walk2BFit Success Team is honored to have Dr. Kantro join us as we work towards providing education, health & wellness to our subscribers ~ "a-step-at-a-time". Please feel free to send Dr. Kantro any questions you may have at JustAsk@Walk2BFit.Com
Consumers can view and purchase these products by going to the company website: http://www.walk2bfit.com and visit our blog at http://www.walk2bfit.com/blog


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