Schizophrenia Sufferers Flock to Cheap Generic Zyprexa From Canada

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A recent Canadian court decision has opened the door for production of Olanzapine, the generic version of Zyprexa. Zyprexa was Eli Lilly's top earning drug in 2006 with global sales of $4.36 billion. Sufferers of schizophrenia on both sides of the Canada/United States border are expected to save millions with the availability of the much lower priced Canadian product.

A new variation of a prescription medication has landed on the shelves of Canadian pharmacies, thanks to a recent decision in Canadian Federal Court. The ruling gave Canada's pharmaceutical industry the green light to begin producing and distributing Olanzapine; the generic equivalent of Eli Lilly's brand name Zyprexa. The medication is used primarily in the treatment and management of schizophrenia, the manic phase of bipolar disorder, and other psychotic disorders. Zyprexa was Eli Lilly's top earner in 2006 accounting for sales of $4.36 billion worldwide.

This news comes as some relief to schizophrenia sufferers in Canada and particularly in the United States where a one month supply of Zyprexa can cost upwards of $600. is a website operated by Canadian mail order pharmacy, which offers prices averaging 51% lower than a leading national U.S. pharmacy chain. The most prescribed strength of 10 milligrams a day cost an average of $1157 for 100 brand name tablets in the United States, while the same strength of the new generic sold in Canada goes for only $636. The website publishes similar savings for all strengths and quantities of the new Olanzapine medication.

Ordering prescriptions through the mail from Canada has been the only option for many in the United States without adequate prescription coverage. It's no secret that licensed Canadian pharmacies have capitalized on the US market where prescription prices remain the highest in the world. New Medicare and Medicaid programs introduced by the Bush administration in January of 2006 have taken a big bite out of the Canadian operators, but there's a steady shift back to Canada again as people are becoming increasingly frustrated with the new systems. And when new generics hit the Canadian market, Americans run north as fast as they can.

A spokesperson at confirmed that sales for the new product have been brisk. "We launched the website in mid July and sales have been growing quite steadily as more people become aware of Olanzapine." reports Kurt Stine who manages the operation. "We've been involved in the mail order prescription business for seven years now and it's quite rare that we see a product of this nature come on the market. Can you imagine having to come up with four or five hundred dollars each month to pay for just one medication? Even when ordering from Canada, it's still a hefty price for most. But when you realize that our average customer can save over $2,000 a year, you can't help but feel you're making a difference in their lives."

This past May in a Canadian courtroom, Eli Lilly failed to protect the validity of its Canadian patent for Zyprexa. Novopharm Limited, one of Canada's largest pharmaceutical companies, had alleged that the basis for Eli Lilly's Canadian Patent for Zyprexa was insufficient and therefore patent protection was not justified. In his decision released on June 5th of this year, Judge Roger T. Hughes found that Eli Lilly had "not demonstrated" otherwise, ultimately allowing Canadian manufacturers to start production of Olanzapine. Judge Hughes further ordered Eli Lilly to pay Novopharm's court costs.

Eli Lilly was successful in defending its patents in US Appeals Court in December of 2006 allowing it to hold a monopoly on Zyprexa in the U.S. until 2011.

The Canadian Judge's complete decision on the Zyprexa court case can be viewed by visiting the Federal Court of Canada's website and documents filed there at

At, Mr. Stine further revealed the impact of the new product on the U.S market place; "We list over 4,000 different prescription medications on our main website at, which is about half of what we actually carry. But in the past few weeks alone, it seems that every second call that comes in is for the new Olanzapine. We're even getting calls from private health care facilities and the like."

Eli Lilly has plans to appeal the decision and does not expect any material impact on the company's financial position. The Indianapolis drug maker said its current earnings guidance for this year will not be changed as a result. Users of Zyprexa converting to Olanzapine from Canada may have something else to say about that.

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