Bettcher Industries Introduces Pollux On-Premises Egg Pasteurizers to North American Market

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Delivers better egg safety as well as a cost-effective alternative to pre-pasteurized shell eggs.

Bettcher Industries, a leading worldwide manufacturer of equipment for food processing and foodservice operations, introduces Pollux on-premises egg pasteurizers to the North American market. The Pollux™ egg pasteurizers deliver restaurateurs and other foodservice operators worry-free egg safety using a natural pasteurization process that is 100 times more effective than current FDA requirements for killing pathogens such as salmonella and AI that are potentially harmful – or lethal – to customers.

Pollux egg pasteurizers were on display at the recent NAFEM ’07 Show held in Atlanta, Ga. – the first time they have been featured at a NAFEM event.

Historically, the FDA estimates that approximately 80% of source-confirmed outbreaks of salmonella enteritidis are egg-associated. Much effort has been put into safe handling practices and controlling infection sources on the farm, but until recently far less emphasis has been put on ensuring the delivery of bacteria-free shell eggs to the consumer.

Pollux appliances feature a unique point-of-use pasteurization system that is capable of eliminating salmonella and avian flu in shell eggs. The technology enables eggs to be pasteurized in the shell and stored safely for long periods of time. No other point-of-use technology is available that eliminates the presence of illness-causing bacteria in shell eggs.

The Pollux line is available in two models. The Pollux 60 appliance pasteurizes up to 60 eggs at a time while fully retaining the eggs’ composition, raw cooking properties and nutritional value. The unit can perform a quick-pasteurization process – or it can pasteurize and cook eggs in one process based on 14 menu-driven cooking options including soft, medium, hard, and Asian style – then store them at the correct consumption temperature for up to five hours without further coagulation or yolk discoloring.

The larger Pollux 360 model operates the same way, but can pasteurize and/or cook up to 360 eggs at a time – thereby making it a highly effective option for large-scale institutional foodservice operations.

What makes Pollux appliances so appealing is its precise egg pasteurization process that introduces no “foreign” elements to the eggs. As a result, the raw egg properties are indistinguishable from fresh shell eggs, making them ideal for kitchen staff when preparing mayonnaise, mousse and other foods that use raw eggs. The all-natural process of the Pollux™ unit has been independently tested and certified to kill 99.99999% of all bacteria inside shell eggs, while not affecting the eggs’ composition, appearance, nutritional value, taste, or cooking properties.

Following their introduction in Europe in 2002, Pollux appliances have been recognized for their breakthrough design and functionality. This includes receiving a 2006 Mercury Award from the International Travel Catering Association, the INHOGA Innovationspreis awarded in Berlin in 2006, plus two CATEX awards received from the Irish Catering Association in 2003.

According to Brian Feiten, Director of International Sales, the Pollux™ equipment line adds an important new category to the foodservice equipment offered by Bettcher Industries. “We see the market for pasteurized eggs growing internationally – both because of heightened food safety concerns as well as expanding menu options,” he said. “The appeal is no longer limited strictly to European markets. Moreover, the intelligent food safety aspects of Pollux™ appliances fit perfectly with our focus on manufacturing equipment that delivers safety and peace-of-mind to consumers.” Feiten reported that segments of particular interest are chain hotel and restaurant operations that feature breakfast fare, as well any kitchen that prepares recipes calling for raw or partially-cooked eggs.

Additional information is available by calling (440) 965-4422.

Established in 1944, Bettcher Industries brings more than five decades of successful innovation to the food processing and foodservice industries. The company is a leading developer and manufacturer of innovative precision cutting tools, as well as a variety of products including the Whizard® Power Knife and automated batter-breading machines used in restaurants and other foodservice operations. Headquartered in the United States, Bettcher Industries is an ISO 9001-certified company with manufacturing, distribution and service in more than 50 countries throughout the world.


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