Free Report on Cat Food Gives Pet Owners the Scoop on What's Good - What's Not

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What started as a single research project turned into a much longer and informative report that gives the scoop on what pet owners may not know about the food they feed their pets.

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A free report has been compiled and contains some very interesting facts that can benefit cat owners around the world regarding the nutrients their cat needs to have the peak of good health as well as what they don't need in their diets is now being offered by Scojo Knows.

Cats are a popular pet around the world and that's especially true in the United States. The 2007-2008 National Pet Owner's Survey, 38.4 million households in the United States reported themselves to be cat owners and the pet care industry reaps nearly 40.8 billion dollars a year. While there are a good number of quality products to be found, there are also inferior quality cat foods and some so lacking in proper nutrition they can actually degrade the health of your cat over time.

One frequent point of debate is whether or not a cat will thrive on a vegetarian diet. A discussion in an online forum got so heated the owners of Scojo Knows, an informational site, decided to do research and put together a report. The report started simply as a research project for seeing if a cat would be able to exist in a purely vegetarian diet. The report expanded as more and more cat foods were looked at and it was found that some "good" cat foods contained little more than cereal and a little bit of meat product. In many cases the bare minimum to keep the cat at the low levels of physical maintenance. Additionally, the presence of GMO or genetically engineered ingredients is also covered.

Other research included finding out what vitamins and minerals are essential in a cat's diet as well how to prepare cat food at home so pet owners could be certain exactly what their cats were getting. Many pet owners enjoy giving their cats treats and healthy treats were also explored.

The entire report is available for free at the Cat Report put out by Scojo Knows.

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Scojo Knows is an information site that allows individuals to post articles, reviews and rant and rave opinions on what they find important. Sharing knowledge is vital and Scojo was created around that simple concept. Periodically reports are released with collections of gathered information and made free to the public. Visit the Cat Report on the web at


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