WhiteSmoke Provides Your Own Personal Editor and Proofreader

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English writing software includes online "Top Experts" to improve writing and boost careers

... after that team they drew different outcomes from the facts.

Professionals and managers who get high anxiety over writing reports, presentations and important email letters, as well as "Web-writers" who spare the time to check their posts, can get help from WhiteSmoke 2008.

This is the latest version of an award-winning writing and grammar software that actually enhances English writing ability for both native and English-as-a-second-language learners.

Unlike ordinary spell- and grammar checkers, WhiteSmoke: actively presents synonyms, adverbs and adjectives suggestions, while the user is working on a document, checks contextual spelling and grammar, and points out common mistakes such as double words and missing words.

Pop-Up Dictionary --- When unsure of a word, the writer simply points the cursor to it, right-clicks the mouse and the dictionary definition pops up.

WhiteSmoke Forums put an editor and proofreader at your desk --

What's more, WhiteSmoke (http://www.whitesmoke.com) users have online access to "Top Experts" who answer English language questions and edit user documents. These experts answer questions on how to use commas, apostrophes, and possessive pronouns such as "yours". WhiteSmoke experts also offer advice on making writing less choppy by using transitional words such as, "nevertheless".

A WhiteSmoke customer sent a memo to a Top Expert for editing that contained this passage:

"... after that team they drew different outcomes from the facts."

The Top Expert responded with this alternative:

"After that, the team drew different conclusions from these facts.

WhiteSmoke also includes templates for business and legal situations ranging from apologizing for a late shipment, to welcoming a new employee.

Recommended for English as a Second Language (ESL) users --

English as a second language learners increase business-writing skill and confidence with WhiteSmoke. According to Anthony Bent, Ed.D, a Massachusetts public education and language acquisition authority who reviewed WhiteSmoke, "Software that can help guide the transition from language learning of the classroom to its application in the office is invaluable - especially for those who have learned English as a second language and are now advancing in their careers as knowledge workers."

In October, WhiteSmoke sold thousands of copies to individuals as well as corporate executives, HR professionals, and sales & marketing managers who want to make their e-mail, report and other writing more understandable, powerful and error-free. It is also ideal for writing résumés that will be posted on monster.com, Craigs List and other online job boards.

Help on big writing projects --

Bruce Birt, CEO of Know Your Coast LLC, an Oregon real estate firm, bought WhiteSmoke to help write copy for the company website in-house, "I realized that my basic writing skills could use a higher power. Since I am not able to hire a professional writer, I am going at it alone.... The WhiteSmoke Product has been very useful in allowing me to catch mistakes in grammar or spelling immediately."

College and graduate school students, creative writers and those who want to improve personal correspondence are also among WhiteSmoke customers.

WhiteSmoke updates its writing software by searching the Internet to find out how real people write in plain, easy-to-understand English. For example -- when a user wrote "possible" customers in an email, WhiteSmoke suggested, "prospective" customers instead.

New edition --- The new WhiteSmoke 2008 suggests alternative or additional wording in a fraction of a second on all PC applications that use text boxes. Text modifications are based on input and real English usage, researched and implemented by natural language processing (NLP) experts. Both American and British English versions are available with 70% of sales in North America.

General writing version retails for $79.95, Executive Writing Version retails for $249. Multiple user pricing is available on request.

For further information or to review the latest version of this award-winning software, contact:

US dick(at)pirozzolo.com or 781-235-9911

UK, EMEA ranbir(at)vitispr.com or + 44 44 (0) 844 8841910


WhiteSmoke Inc. provides world-leading solutions in the field of English grammar and writing. WhiteSmoke English writing software provides online English text editing, correction and enrichment, using innovative patented technologies. These technologies are the product of years of research into natural language processing and artificial intelligence tapping into the complexities of human language.

In 2002 former ICQ computer engineers took the challenge to create the next breakthrough in Online English text enhancement. From humble beginnings in a modest apartment with a small investment but with a lot of enthusiasm, WhiteSmoke is now a 30+ employee operation of International scope, and it continues to grow monthly. The WhiteSmoke staff is comprised of professional computer analysts and programmers who work closely with highly trained linguists and writing specialists with a background in NLP. These are accompanied by the marketing, administration, business development and content writing teams.

More information about WhiteSmoke is at: http://www.whitesmoke.com


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