Knowledge Management Solutions, Inc. Announces the Release of KMx Version 5

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Knowledge Management Solutions, Inc. (KMSI), a leader in Web-Based Training and eLearning Technology Solutions, today announced January 7, 2008 as the official release date for KMx Version 5, the next generation of Human Capital Management (HCM) technology.

Since the initial release of KMx in August of 2002, the KMSI has helped to redefine the future of learning technology and human capital management. With its' latest KMx Version 5 release, KMSI increases its' technology leadership position and has set new performance standards for the industry.

"When we founded KMSI, we had a vision of what could be done to reinvigorate the learning technology marketplace. KMx Version 5 realizes that vision and is the culmination of five years of industry surveys, client needs assessments and dedicated software development," said Mr. Jack E. Lee, President and CEO of KMSI.

With the introduction of KMx, KMSI changed the way organizations purchase Enterprise Learning Management System (LMS) and HCM technology by offering an integrated e-learning content development, learning and learning content management, performance and talent management, and virtual classroom technologies in one easy to use solution. KMSI provides KMx Enterprise at one low price with no limits on the number of end-users and has helped the industry by eliminating per-user license and annual maintenance fees that are charged by KMSI's competitors. KMx Version 5 continues this forward-thinking philosophy by providing new features not available from other vendors, including:

  • KMx Dynamic Reports - Learning, performance and talent management technologies have historically been criticized by analysts and customers for their inability to accommodate the vast diversity of their client's unique data collection and reporting requirements. In KMx Version 4.2, KMSI extended its' technology leadership position by introducing KMx Dynamic Reporting Tools which allows KMx clients to select from virtually any combination of user enrollment, accomplishment and requirement information to produce real-time reports. In conjunction with the overwhelmingly positive customer feedback that KMSI received from the introduction of KMx Dynamic Reporting Tools, KMSI has added the ability for clients to dynamically filter report results "on-the-fly" at report runtime. This new capability allows clients to not only create reports that will automatically filter the results based on any logical filter condition, but also allow reports to automatically adjust to the "authority" of the person generating these reports. Several beta release clients have already started using this capability to create reports that dynamically adjust their output based on the organizational responsibilities of the person executing the report and other criteria unique to their businesses.
  • KMx Dynamic Graphs - Expanding on the Dynamic Reporting tool that was introduced in KMx Version 4.2, KMSI has added the capability to dynamically generate graphs from virtually any combination of user enrollment, accomplishment and requirement information. This new feature will enable clients to create highly colorful visual outputs of data elements, including:

o User and group demographics, requirements and accomplishments
o Course/class enrollments goals and statistics
o Performance of test items and exams
o Personnel classification requirements, completions and delinquencies
o Organizational unit requirements and accomplishments

  • KMx Dynamic Continuums and Certification Program Management - Further leveraging the success of the Dynamic Reporting Tools, KMSI has added the ability for clients to create an unlimited array of training continuums and certification profiles that are dynamically assigned to individuals based on any user demographic information or organizational relationship. Since inception, KMx has provided clients with the ability to create Personnel Labor Category and Certification training continuums. With the release of KMx Version 5 this capability has been expanded to enable dynamic continuum assignment based on individual or organizational associations. This new feature will enable clients to create an unlimited array of requirements, assignment and continuums to meet both internal and external business drivers.
  • Desktop Application Training with KMxLive -The KMxLive Virtual Classroom already held the distinction of being the most scalable solution for conducting training using the Internet. In KMx Version 5 KMSI has added the ability for clients to present the display of the instructor's workstation to enable organizations to provide desktop application training for up to 10,000 simultaneous students. Leveraging the capabilities of Microsoft Streaming Media technologies, this new feature allows instructors to shift between their presentation, survey and testing material, to full-screen display of the instructor's computer desktop to provide real-time demonstration of software applications.
  • KMx Advanced Shopping Cart - KMx Version 5 includes a new option for clients to provide the ability for users to combine multiple eCommerce purchases with nearly unlimited discounting rules and payment options directly from their shopping cart. Previous releases of KMx provided extensive eCommerce capabilities, including numerous payment options (credit card, purchase order/billing, voucher) and discounting mechanisms (coupons, early enrollment, dynamic discounting). In the KMx Version 5 release these features have been extend to enable multiple purchases to be conducted through a single eCommerce transaction using an advanced shopping cart system that preserves all of the previously available eCommerce payment and discounting options.
  • KMx Enhanced Personnel Evaluations and Peer Reviews - KMSI introduced the ability for clients to provide personnel evaluations and peer reviews with the release of KMx Version 4.2. Based on the adoption of this capability by several of KMSI's largest clients, KMx Version 5 includes expanded reporting and management capabilities to automate the process of administering a large-scale organizational review program. These new features include dynamic group reporting, subordinate summary and results management, and automated evaluation responsibility assignment and tracking.

"In talking with executives that had already purchased a learning management or development technology from one of our competitors, it became apparent that the high initial acquisition cost (sometimes in excess of $1M) caused these companies to conduct lengthy proposal and evaluation processes to ensure that the planned investment would be well spent. Unfortunately, many of these same companies ended up spending the remainder of their learning technology budget on the integration of the newly selected technology platform with nothing left for development or migration of content into the newly purchased technology. This obviously resulted in little to no return on investment for these companies, many of which have since abandoned the use of the learning management technology they worked so hard to procure," said Mr. Mike Binnix, CTO of KMSI.

KMxASP service agreements start as low as $9,995 per year allowing organizations to provide a complete learning and talent management solution for thier employees, partner suppliers and customers. This low price has enabled many organizations to move forward with a comprehensive blended learning and performance management solution without the need to conduct a lenghy competitive proposal and evaluation process.

About KMx:
The Advanced Distributed Learning Platform
The KMx platform provides fully integrated e-learning content development, learning and learning content management, performance and talent management, and virtual classroom technologies in one easy to use solution with no per-user fees. The KMx user interface was designed for easy customization and branding and is available with customizable language packs to provide for localization and multilingual distribution. KMx is available as a licensed application or as an ASP hosted service.

About Knowledge Management Solutions, Inc.:
Knowledge Management Solutions, Inc. is a leading provider of innovative knowledge and learning management solutions for Fortune 2000 companies and government agencies. KMSI provides technologies and services that enable clients to achieve high performance by measuring and meeting the training, qualification and performance needs of management, employees, agents, partners, suppliers and customers. For more information, please visit


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