What Do McDonalds, AT&T and DataCall Have in Common that Makes Money for Investors? Wallst.net Releases their Bullish Report

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Investors seek opportunities to invest when they can see that company or its product on every street corner. McDonalds is that kind of company and DataCall is that kind of company. Small Cap Stock experts at Stock Guru and Wallst.net recognized DataCall is an "under the radar" recommended BUY stock.

Investors who put money into companies like McDonalds and A T & T in their infancy came to see their investment grow exponentially as those companies grew. Every time a new McDonalds popped up or a new phone was installed, they knew their investment was growing. Data Call is the "Wizard if Oz" of digital signage. They are the digital field for thousands and thousands of billboards, and digital feed for thousands of TV monitors in restaurants, stadiums, airports and elevators---delivering the media behind the scenes. Investors in Data Call are enjoying the anticipation of a surge in market cap value as this company adds paying subscribers on a daily basis. DataCall is proud to announce that they have received very positive press from StockGuru and Wallst.net. (Full investor information and articles can be found at http://innovativeinvestornetwork.com/). As the largest media and content provider in the Digital Signage industry, DataCall (DCLT) is poised for exploding growth over the next 12 months, in an "on fire" industry, is also in a prim position for an acquisition. With an undervalued stock, investors are definitely looking into this company and having visions of a blue-chip stock like McDonalds or ATT in their portfolio.

Digital signage, which in essence is out-of-home TV, brings media content and advertising to viewers---to their retail stores, taxi cabs, buses, trucks, airports, parks and conference centers. The large LED or plasma screens are familiar to buyers at retail stores like Best Buy. Content streaming on these TVs in stores, sports stadiums or conference halls are going to become a lot more familiar. The content does not have to come from a broadcasting station; it can be drawn from video content sites, the Internet or be user-generated.

Outdoor advertising has always been seen as a means to increase awareness of a brand instead as a method of promotion. The inability to measure the impact of outdoor advertising, or out-of-home advertising in general, was the major barrier to higher allocations of ad dollars. Digital signage, combined with GPS technologies or tracking by time-of-day, can help to measure the impact of out-of-home advertising. Retail stores, for example, keep track of the time period over which an advertisement was displayed and correlate it with the subsequent sales at the counter. Citi-mobile, which specializes in truck side advertising, uses GPS devices to keep track of the locations that vehicles pass. Out-of-home TV has an edge in the display of short-form content such as breaking news, highlights of sporting events, and local events such as a fire in the vicinity. It also has an edge in context TV. For example, an expo can use digital signage for keeping participants informed about important personalities at the venue. With all this growth in digital media in the marketplace, it is easy to understand why the stock market analysts are bullish on DataCall and investors looking for a good growth stock are taking notice of DataCall (DCLT)

According to Bill Gerba, "CBS is making a land grab, and actually got SignStorey for a very good deal. Think of it this way, as IBN's John Morgan suggested in his comment on the CBS-SignStorey coverage in Digital Signage News in Sept, 07: "$71.5 M divided by 1,400 stores mans that CBS effectively paid a little over $51,000 for access to each store in SignStorey's network, including selling ad space as SignStorey was, they'll see a positive ROI on their acquisition in about four years." For investors in a company like DataCall, they are buying an under valued stock that is surely going to go up as they continue to convert trial customers to fully paying customers. Their revenue and market share is growing, resulting in an increased market value. DataCall (OTCBB: DCLT) has positioned itself as the largest media and content provider in the Digital Signage industry and continues to be poised for exploding growth over the next 12 months with the launch of their relationship with Virgin and the new digital media phone released in a Joint Venture with NEC.

Comments at Wallst.net and StockGuru.com about DataCall (found at http://innovativeinvestornetwork.com) give this company a bullish position and states "This Company is growing and moving upward. I like the fact that they are adding new contracts all the time and they are well diversified and all their eggs are not in one basket. It seems like it is only a matter of time until the investment community starts buying into this company in a strong way and then the share price should catch up to the strong fundamentals of the company. It wouldn't' surprise me if a big company (like CBS or Reuters) doesn't try to buy this company."

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