Going Green Inside and Out: New Mushroom-Infused Water Packs Health Benefits Backed by Science

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Going green is not just about creating healthier environment, it's also about creating healthier bodies. Enter the newest leader in green living: Ma-el water, water with scientifically proven benefits. Ma-el water is infused with only organic mushrooms, delivering an antioxidant punch that can help drinkers feel better, live longer and help to prevent illness, such as colds and even cancer.

Going green is all the rage these days, with companies and individuals changing the way they make, buy and consume. As green goes mainstream, it's becoming clear that the sustainable, healthy lifestyle is more than just a fad; it's the new way of life. And going green is not just about creating healthier environment. It's also about creating healthier bodies. Enter the newest leader in green living: Ma-el water.

Nutrient waters have been around for decades, but the true advancement behind Ma-el water lies in its key ingredient, extract from the sang-hwang mushroom. Mushrooms have long been considered beneficial by many health scientists. In fact fungi contributed to the development of penicillin and the migraine drug Ergotamine.

But recent scientific research done by Dr. Chang-Yan Chen, at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center of Harvard Medical School, has shed new light on the benefits of the mushroom.

"[The Sang-hwang mushroom] is among a number of well-known medicinal mushrooms from Asian countries, which have been taken orally since ancient times as a health-promoting dietary supplement and an adjuvant to combat viral and bacterial infections," says Dr. Chen.(1)

Dr. Chen's research has lent credence to that ancient practice, attributing some very powerful benefits to mushrooms. "It appears that this particular type of mushroom is able to sensitize tumors to cell death induced by anti-cancer treatments, but has a minimal toxic effect on neighboring normal cells," says Chen.( 2) However, more research work is urgently needed for the understanding of the mechanism of the Sang-hwang mushroom in its anti-cancer action.

British studies concur with these findings. According to one 2007 study by Dr Richard Sullivan, director of clinical programs at Cancer Research UK, "There was evidence that extracts of [sang-hwang mushroom] slowed tumor progression. Now they have shown promise in combination with one type of chemotherapy drug. ..."(3)

Modern studies continue to give credence to ancient medicine traditions, and the benefits of the sang-hwang mushroom keep adding up.

"In addition to these newest studies connecting the sang-hwang mushroom with supporting the body's ability to fight cancer, sang-hwang is also becoming known as one of nature's greatest protector for the immune system and overall health," says Yunjeong Oh, President of Clean Farm, the corporation producing Ma-el water.

Water with (Scientifically Proven) Benefits
Fortified with sang-hwang mushroom extract's powerhouse of benefits, Ma-el water is for people looking to go green inside as well as out. Ma-el water is infused with only organic mushrooms, delivering an antioxidant punch that can help drinkers feel better, live better and help prevent illness, such as colds and even cancer.

And "it tastes great," says Mrs. Patricia Eriksen, Nyack, N.Y. "The best part is that it tastes like fresh spring water, very refreshing, a great thirst quencher. Since I do not like taste of mushrooms, but I love the antioxidant and preventive features, that's important to me. It is about the time after proving its benefits for thousands of years in Asia, this product has finally to come to U.S."

"The 'sang-hwang' mushroom has acquired the certificate [as a] pro-environmental agricultural product," says Oh. Pro-environmental agricultural product is Korea's "green" seal of approval, and Clean Farm's sang-hwang mushrooms are produced from Clean Farm's own 13,000 square foot farm. Clean Farm developed Ma-el water in its 10,000 square-foot R& D facility, based on the company's vision of developing premium beverages made from sustainable, organic ingredients.

"Even our forefathers believed in mushroom befits used in many ways. We are leaders in expending the benefits to water, while retaining the fresh, pure taste of water," says Oh. "I am thankful to SBC –- (Small Business Corporation of Korea) for believing in our product and making it possible for us to come to the U.S. market."

According to Clean Farm's in-house studies, drinking Ma-el water regularly like water increases the body's immune system and enables the body to resist catching a cold.

"It's exciting for consumers to have access to a water infused with the sang-hwang mushrooms," says Dr. Chen. "With each new study, we uncover more healthful benefits that this mushroom delivers." However, the safety of consuming a relatively large amount of Sang-hwang mushroom for the cancer therapeutic purpose remains uncertain, and requires thorough in vivo and in vitro investigations.

Other similar products claim to carry only some of Ma-el water's qualities. According to its Web site, POM, a line of pomegranate beverages, provides antioxidants that are beneficial for cardiovascular health, cancer prevention and aging.(4) But unlike POM, Ma-el water does not contain sugar or calories, and is also an organic product receiving kosher certification.

For consumers concerned with green living and buying, Ma-el water and its parent company Clean Farm are an ideal fit. Clean Farm, winner of the certificate of Environmentally Friendly Agricultural Product in 2002, aims to produce products that are good for both the earth and the consumer.

"Our determination to do our best will not be changed and I promise that I will make my company's products with as much care as I do [with] my own family," says Oh. Clean Farm runs strictly supervised processing facilities at their headquarters in Korea and prides themselves in cultivating their own organic sang-hwang mushrooms, so that entire product, from planting to packaging, remains under their careful supervision.

About Clean Farm Corporation
Believing in a green philosophy across the board, the president and CEO of Clean Farm Corporation, Ms. Yunjeong Oh created the company in 2004 based on creating line of beverages and other product line solely for the health benefits.

Clean Farm was established as an agricultural association and corporation and has acquired the certificate for "pro-environmental" agricultural product (the "Green" seal of approval by strict regulations of Korean Government ). With a more than 10,000 square-foot R&D facility, Clean Farm has developed various specialized innovative and refreshing beverages using their own organic farm products, grown on Clean Farm's 13,000 square-foot farm. Clean Farm assures that their processing facilities and their manufacturing process adheres to the very strictest of quality standards, and they are now in process of going global and entering North American distribution channel by sponsorship of SBC.

About Small Business Corporation of Korea (SBC)
Since its foundation as a non-profit government agency in 1979, SBC has been committed to fostering and promoting Korean small and medium sized businesses. SBC understands that excellence comes in different sizes and offers assistance to Korean businesses in entering the U.S. market. With a regional headquarters office located in New Jersey, it provides a variety of support services such as training, marketing, and financial assistance in order to increase the global competitiveness of Korean businesses. For more information, please visit http://www.sbc.or.kr/eng

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MZI Global Marketing is an award-winning, full-service integrated marketing and advertising firm that creates and executes effective high-tech solutions for their clients across a wide spectrum of industries. Under the leadership of president and CEO Mira Zivkovich, recipient of the 2007 Ellis Island Medal of Honor, MZI Global Marketing puts its international, multicultural marketing expertise, a mastery of interactive marketing strategies and custom publishing prowess to work for clients that aim to build their businesses on a global scale. MZI Global Marketing is committed to guiding its clients from initial strategy to well executed solutions, helping them surmount any challenge and achieving their every business goal. For more information, please visit http://www.mziglobal.com

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