FrogPad shows The Best Wearable Keyboard at MacWorld

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IDG Predicts that the Military will purchase 1.4 Million Wearable Computers in 2008. FrogPad is one of the best solutions for Wearable Keyboards. FrogPad, an innovator in data entry methods for mobile computing, is capturing the hearts, minds and digits of the growing corporate technology market with the introduction of fthe wearable keyboard Announced just this week at MacWorld, FrogPad's latest entry in the mobile data entry market is a Bluetooth enabled, wearable keyboard.

With customers in countries around the world including Japan, Germany, Netherlands, New Zealand, Australia, U.K., Canada, the United States, and the most recent new distributor in Turkey,; FrogPad is quickly becoming the wearable interface choice for keyboarders around the world. Today there are four form factors of the patented-FrogPad data entry interface: the FrogPad standard keyboard, the Bluetooth-enabled iFrog, all which can be wearable.

FrogPad products can be purchased online at or through its new international distribution partner which manages all of its direct web-based distribution. FrogPad is well positioned to be the data interface of choice for the projected market of $19 billion portable wireless Internet devices predicted in the next four years.

Founder and FrogPad President Linda Marroquin likens the introduction of the FrogPad to the market changing launches of the Laptop or the PDA, "The standard QWERTY keyboard in use today was designed for a different time when mobile computing devices were only a glimmer in the eyes of their developers; and the continual evolution and miniaturization of mobile technology devices are driving the need for a new kind of data entry device. We believe the patented FrogPad product platform is the solution."

FrogPad is positioned to bound into the expanding technology gaming market with the introduction of the XFrog for gaming devices. The 2008 FrogPad product roadmap also includes new versions of the wearable FrogPad for the military market along with various educational applications.

Current applications for the wearable Frog include industries with needs for easy data entry from a field application such as shipping logistics, healthcare patient care, and remote field operations such as on-site drilling for the Oil & Gas industry. FrogPad is an innovator in one-handed data entry methods for mobile computing devices. The wearable Frog is the latest addition to the FrogPad product line which includes the iFrog BlueToothâ„¢ FrogPad, the original FrogPad with two versions for left and right-handed users, and the slimmer white FrogPad.

To schedule an appointment with the FrogPad team at MacWorld, contact Linda Marroquin at 713-377 2107. FrogPad will be in the West hall at MacWorld, W 4454 For more information, visit

Global Availability
FrogPad products are available for distribution through its offices and global partners in the US, Canada, the UK and all of Western Europe, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. Availability in Singapore will soon follow. To order from anywhere in the world, go to or call (US) 713-529-4474.

About FrogPad:
Houston-based FrogPad is a private company delivering its products through global partners. The wearable Frog is a fabric one-handed keyboard that is 1/5th the size of traditional keyboards yet easier to use, as it offers a logical key layout and design that encourages correct ergonomic posture. For more information, see:

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