SharePoint360 Launches Hosted Solution to Create Collaborative Web Sites without Technical Know-How

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Even the Most Non-Technical People Can Now Build Their Own "Virtual Office" in Hours. No IT department, no high-cost consultants needed to realized the full potential of Microsoft SharePoint. Organizations can get their team collaborating online in just minutes starting at $49.99 per month.

Now they are accessible to everyone.

It's now 2008. Do you know where your company's most valuable data is? For many organizations, the answer is a complicated and disconcerting one, with information fragmented among various departments, employees and machines. If you need to get your hands on some critical piece of business intelligence, you'd better be prepared for some data "dumpster diving," hoping what you need wasn't stored on a lost laptop or destroyed by a fired employee on their way out the door.

This digital chaos is why SharePoint360, a San Diego-based information technology firm and Microsoft certified partner, announced today that it has launched its new hosting solution, an unprecedented approach to creating an online collaboration environment in minutes starting at just $49.99 per month (for a limited time).

The feeding frenzy for reliable, real-time data sharing has made SharePoint the fastest growing product in the history of Microsoft. This Web-based collaboration and document management platform literally changes the way business is done. Unfortunately, realizing the full value of SharePoint takes a great deal of specialized knowledge and users who try to architect their own portal often end up way in over their heads.

So what if your business doesn't have a devoted IT department and you do not possess the time, manpower or technical expertise to develop these sites yourself? Better be prepared to shell out some serious cash to hire a consultant or simply opt out of this "Brave New World" and let your competitors gain the upper hand instead.

Another option is to try a hosted solution. SharePoint360's hosted portal solution offers a secure, turnkey approach to connect people with the information and resources they need quickly and affordably.

Organizations can improve team productivity by creating sites for departments and projects, coordinating calendars, organizing documents and receiving important notifications and updates through customized announcements and alerts. SharePoint360 allows even the most non-technical user to get started quickly and to feel as comfortable working with Microsoft SharePoint as they do with Word or Excel.

Some sample real world business scenarios that the SharePoint360 solution can address include:

Challenge: A mid-sized company with several branch offices has an updated HR form to implement
Solution: Upload the new document to SharePoint once and simply emailing a link to the information

Problem: A company with a 500-person sales force needs immediate feedback on an issue
Solution: Set up a SharePoint survey and monitor results

Problem: A franchiser has new regulations to share with thousands of franchisee worldwide
Solution: Make the change in one place and set SharePoint alerts

"In this Information Age, it is common for us to become islands of information, hoarding valuable business data within our own micro-work universes," said Clifford Smeed, principal of SharePoint360. "This is a completely antiquated way of doing business that hampers productivity and puts company resources at risk."

"Too often high-tech collaborative solutions have been limited to those with deep pockets," added Paul West, another principal of SharePoint360. "Now they are accessible to everyone."

SharePoint360's hosted solution is like having a SharePoint consultant available 24/7. No other SharePoint hosting company provides the added features and functionality that comes standard with SharePoint360 hosting including:

  • Simple document management features - stop e-mailing revisions and ensure the integrity of content by managing documents in one location, including "document checkout" and the ability to control version history
  • Easy administration - custom built-in administration panels allow you to quickly create, edit and delete users accounts, manage permissions, brand your site and manage content from a single location
  • Project and department templates - customizable tools provide everything you need to organize your team
  • Survey and alerting capabilities - streamlines communications, expedites decisions and keeps everyone informed
  • Intuitive user interface - integrates with familiar tools, like Microsoft Office programs, making it easy for users to get up to speed quickly
  • Markup and rendering tools - integrated viewer allows users to make comments or edits on Autocad drawings, PDFs and more without purchasing additional software
  • Technical support - the SharePoint360 Tech Center provides a variety of resources, including step-by-step training videos, allowing users to get started right away

"What SharePoint360 delivered went far beyond expectations. Capitalizing on their knowledge of the SharePoint platform, they took a seemingly impossible scenario and helped us fulfill a promise to customers by delivering on-time, a comprehensive easy-to-use information portal," said Stefany Blount of Web-Feet Research, one of SharePoint360's current clients benefiting from the hosting solution.

The SharePoint360 hosted solution is ideal for smaller organizations (typically five to 100 users) without a dedicated IT team. Subscriptions start at just $49.99 per month (for a limited time), plus a one-time set-up fee. Standard service includes one gigabyte of storage space, with additional space available.

Standard level support and training is included for SharePoint360 customers and is geared toward people with various levels of technical expertise. It includes three-step training videos, which allow users to watch instructions and then practice their new skills in a controlled environment. Access to SharePoint360's experts is also available through e-mail. More advanced support and training options can be customized to meet the needs of individual organizations, both large and small, for an additional fee.

Founded in 2006 by Pam Gaffen, Clifford Smeed and Paul West, SharePoint360 is a leading SharePoint information and solutions provider whose customers span the globe from San Diego to Cape Town, South Africa. SharePoint360 is a Microsoft certified partner that provides comprehensive services in consulting, hosting and business intelligence. More information is available at


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