Election 2008 Sparks Issues in Reforming Health Care

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As the Presidential primaries reach full swing, companies like platinuminsurance.info are showing concern for the future of healthcare in the event of different wins. As the direction that the company moves depends on which candidate succeeds, there is little word spoken one way or another.

With the presidential primary elections moving into full swing across the nation, more people are becoming concerned with domestic issues; the direction of healthcare being at the top of the list. Many healthcare insurance companies like platinuminsurance.com are showing deep concern, as it could affect their company. Platinum Insurance has not decided one way or another on which plans best benefit their business, but there is talk about how each win would affect the business.

Republicans and Democrats alike are seeking change in health care. Not surprisingly, however, Republican proposals fundamentally differ from Democratic proposals. Republicans believe that more competition and the free market is the answer to lowering health care and health insurance costs, while the Democrats believe government intervention is necessary to lower costs.

Even on the GOP side, there are different plans being introduced that have small insurance companies closely watching. Romney is pushing for more tax deductions for insured, and the spending of coverage for the uninsured to be redistributed to the states. Giuliani and McCain are in favor of sparking competition to private insurers, to promote more individual insurance plans.

Experts are saying that the Dem's have the same plan that is spoken individually from each candidate's mouth. The common proposals call for more government intervention in order to help lower health care costs. Most of this includes a tax break for a certain amount of income. However, there is some variance; Obama's plan would require everyone to have insurance, while Clinton and Edwards' proposals do not.

It is understood that both parties are looking to see reform in current health care issues. This has many companies, like Platinum Insurance, attentive and concerned for the outcome. While the company has not claimed support of one side or another, they have begun to show concern for where health care will go in the coming years.

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