International Sponsor, FLAGHOUSE, Inc. Awards Scholarships for Autism Conference Held This Feb 14 to 17, 2008

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What: Autism conference scholarship for military families with children with autism When: Feb 14 to 17, 2008 Where: Orlando, FL.

International Sponsor, FLAGHOUSE, Inc. awards scholarships for Autism conference held this Feb 14 to 17, 2008.

What: Scholarship for military

Who: Families serving in the Armed Forces with children with autism

When: Feb 14 to 17, 2008

Where: Caribe Royale Orlando,

     8101 World Center Drive, Orlando, FL 32821


Local contact information: Complete information for the conference can be found at or by calling 1-877-482-1555. *Note: media inquiries are at contacts above


More Children Diagnosed with Autism This Year Than AIDS, Diabetes and Cancer combined!
Autism rates have increased 6000% since 1985
Fastest growing disability
90% of costs are in adult services
Cost of lifelong care can be reduced 2/3 with early treatment
10 years, the annual cost will be from $200 - $400 billion


Difficulties of autism and related disorders are behavioral, sensitivity, communication and social skills
Hard time interpreting their environment
Like structure, do not like change


Constant deployments, moving, absentee parenting,
Constant placement at bottom of wait lists
Of the therapies to consider for military personnel, it is vitally important to take the military lifestyle into consideration such as absent parents, traveling, frequent relocations and transfers.
Quality of care differs from location to location.
Managing a portfolio of past medical history.
Social networking for parents can be challenging.

This is why FlagHouse, Inc. is proud to support many military families in need by offering scholarships for attendance.


Since our brains ability to change is at its peak under the age of five, early intervention is the key to the best lifetime prognosis for all children. By helping children with autism at this young age, the cost of their lifelong care will decrease by 2/3. This conference will help parents understand what autism is, the best way to help their particular child and the best prognosis for their future.

The goal is to change the child's behaviors by working on their ability to communicate and understand while developing their social skills and sensory responsiveness to their world. Considerations such as diet, nutrition and exercise programs can also improve their autism symptoms


"Autism Through The Lifespan"

This is a very unique approach to autism that is critical today as the population of children and teens with autism age. Addressing the lifespan of autism spectrum disorders will be a key component to this year's conference. The conference addresses "Treating Autism as a Medical Disorder; Bringing Biomedical Treatments, Behavioral & Developmental Therapies Together."

Speaking on topics covering the full range of everything that parents and professionals must know about Autism Spectrum Disorders through the Lifespan.

Each speaker has a wealth of personal experience in developmental disabilities and, between them, has lived with, worked with, and/or overcome autism. These wonderful speakers will be offering parents and professionals simple and practical ways to make effective and immediate changes in the classroom, home and community to better the lives of children.

Participants will learn will learn, in a plain and easy-to-understand way, bio-medical and educational interventions, current intervention methodologies, comprehensive evidence-based information and resources needed for recovery, advocacy, and education to achieve a better quality of life. This comprehensive event covers all of this and so much more.

Special guest speakers include:

2 parents of recovered kids! Theresa Wrangham, Julia Berle
2 world-renowned doctors - who have Autism themselves!
Shannon Kenitz, Executive Director of the International Hyperbarics Association, who also raised a daughter with a rare disorder
The doctor whose treated more kids than anyone else in the world!
Dr. Jerry Kartzinel who appeared on Larry King Live with Jenny McCarthy
Four leading autism doctors based right here in Florida!
Jenny McCarthy's Organization - sending 2 people
Former John Hopkins University professor and researcher for NIH

All people touched by children with autism (parent, caregivers, grandparents, and educators) are encouraged to attend the conference and obtain information that may be helpful in finding the resources needed for recovery, advocacy, education and achieving a better quality of life. This conference will be very beneficial for parents and loved ones because not only will they get an incredible amount of information, they will also find inspiration and hope. Autism Through the Years has the primary goal of spreading the message of hope to everyone involved in the care of autistic children.

Attendees will hear from the best experts the world has to offer and then go home armed with state of the art tools of practical protocols, valuable hope, and new resources for support.

Recognize the early signs of autism and get kids on the right track early
Start thinking about the future... learn to plan through transitions from school years, to teen years and into adulthood
Learn the right types of foods, vitamins, interventions available for best success

The focus is on sharing the latest information and advice to parents, teachers, health care practitioners, and people who work with autistic children.


Recognize the early signs of autism and get kids on the right track early
Start thinking about the future... learn to plan through transitions from school years, to teen years and into adulthood
Learn the right types of foods, vitamins, interventions available for best success
Help facilitate your child's success in social situations while on the playground and beyond
Improve the quality of life for individuals, families and caregivers around autism
Plan for the later years and caring for your child/adult with autism
Learn about comprehensive, evidence-based information to assist parents, family members, caregivers with interventions
Find the resources needed for recovery, advocacy, successful education.

For those who cannot attend the conference in Orlando, the conference will broadcast live via the Internet through EP Live Online. DVD's will also be available after the conference.

Complete information for the conference can be found at or by calling 1-877-482-1555.

All speakers, and Autism Today founder, Karen Simmons, are available for interviews.

About About FlagHouse

FlagHouse's mission is to enhance the quality of life for all people, with resources for physical activity, recreation, education and special needs. FlagHouse serves a broad public and private sector customer base for all age groups, including schools, parks, community centers, day treatment and residential care centers, and military bases, as well as individual consumers. FlagHouse is a long-standing GSA-contract supplier to military bases and federal agencies throughout the world. One the company's proudest achievement is the design and installation of the renowned 14,600 sq. ft. SNOEZELEN Complex at the Escambia Westgate School in Pensacola, Florida, site of Naval Air Station Pensacola. FlagHouse also offers its products to military personnel and their families through the Army and Air Force Exchange Service online store at The company enjoys a long history and reputation for innovative, quality products that help improve peoples' lives, accompanied by excellent customer service and support.

Autism Today and founder, Karen Simmons

Karen Simmons, is mother of six children, one with autism and another with ADHD/NLD is founder and CEO of, award winning information and resource center shining new light on autism and special needs worldwide by providing resources both on and off line. Karen's first book, Little Rainman, was inspired by her son with autism, Jonathan, now 17 years old, and is still the life of the party! She is also the author of five other titles, The Autism Experience, Artism, Peace of Mind for Autism, Surrounded By Miracles and The Official Autism 101 Manual. She is the recent co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul: Children with Special Needs with Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen. Her next project is co-authoring "Autism Tomorrow" with Bill Davis. She lives with her husband Jim Sicoli and their six children, Kim, Matt, Christina, Jonathan, Stephen and Alex. Truly she is one busy lady!

More information about Autism Today can be found at


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