Treating Fibromyalgia with Tao Holistic Healing Program

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The Tao Holistic Healing Program ( is a 10-day intensive training helping people to take control of their health and lives. It has been successful in guiding individuals to relieve symptoms of fibromyalgia, sometimes leading to complete recovery. In the program, unrecognized emotional pain, rooted in the past, are viewed as often being a major contributor to physical pain in the present. The treatment is to feel the physical pain, and then the emotional pain, recognizing the connection between the two. Through this process, participants commonly experience dramatic release of pain from the body.

Fibromyalgia afflicts 600,000 Americans, 90% of whom are women. This disorder involves chronic widespread pain, extreme tactile sensitivity, fatigue, and often problems with sleep, bowel function, emotions and cognition. From a medical point of view, fibromyalgia's cause is not well understood, and no universally accepted cure exists. However, some doctors have successfully treated it as stress-related condition.

The Tao Holistic Healing Program (, or THHP, is a 10-day intensive training for people to take control of their health and lives. For two years, it has been successful in guiding individuals to relieve symptoms of fibromyalgia, sometimes leading to complete recovery.

J.S. Hong, the program's creator and principal instructor, believes that, "Emotional pain from the past produces the physical pain of fibromyalgia in the present. People with this disorder typically have deep life issues - involving close family members - that originated in their past. The physical pain derives from old memories, negative emotions and traumas, which they have never acknowledged or have yet to understand fully."

As for how THHP's treatment works, Hong explains, "By feeling fibromyalgia's physical pain, participants can uncover and examine their emotional pain, as the physical and emotional are connected. Once they deeply understand these emotional roots, the fibromyalgia pain can be released from the body."

Three recent participants with fibromyalgia explain how THHP has benefited them:

Joan shares, "I came to relieve my persistent fibromyalgia pain of 25 years. Many doctors have recommended various healing techniques, none of which took away my pain. THHP taught me about pain as information, and the emotions that exist deep underneath the pain. We were guided to go through the pain and master it. We were urged to connect with and live our life purpose."

As Patricia expresses it, "I began the program with generalized anxiety and digestive distress, along with the fibromyalgia. Ten days later my body was much stronger than I thought possible, and my body and face reflected my enlivened spirit. After understanding my habits, I became pain free at last!"

Mary states, "I enrolled with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue, having had both for more than 10 years. During my waking hours, every movement I made caused me excruciating pain. I was depressed and without hope. Through the program, I learned how to circulate energy and take better care of my body. Now I feel strong and confident. I plan to lead a healthy life and accomplish my goals."

Regarding the effectiveness of THHP's treatment, Hong observes, "By diligently completing the on-site program and doing the follow-up exercises, people can get substantial relief from their fibromyalgia. If the disorder is relatively mild, people can let go of the physical pain during the 10-day span of the program. If their physical pain is more severe, it can take longer to let it go completely.

THHP is an in-depth encounter with the self. The participants are guided to solve issues that keep them from the lives and health they desire. All of their answers are inside of them, and are uncovered to facilitate self-healing through this four-step process: (1) Acknowledge everything that is in one's body and claim it. (2) Watch the habits that keep one from healing and growing. (3) Find and integrate solutions throughout one's whole body. (4) Practice with those solutions and form new habits.

Hong points out, "All of our issues come from the disconnection of our three bodies: spiritual (life purpose), energy (mind and emotions), and physical (strength and flexibility). By deeply feeling the physical body, the connection of these three bodies can take place. By strengthening and activating the physical body, we gain the power to heal ourselves and live the way we truly want."

Hong's program is based on the holistic-healing and brain-educational principles articulated by Ilchi Lee (, president of the University of Brain Education (South Korea). The program is comprised of exercises, deep relaxation, energy training, introspective work, and private consultations. Several of THHP's methods are adapted from the exercises taught in Dahn Yoga classes ( around the world.

THHP takes place at the Sedona Ilchi Meditation Center (SIMC), an inspiring, beautiful, and peaceful 160-acre retreat setting in Sedona, Arizona. SIMC is ideally suited to facilitate profound self-transformation, through training, education, meditation and healing. SIMC offers THHP twice monthly, for 10 days per session.

For more information on the Tao Holistic Healing Program (, watch and contact Joan Montoya at 928-274-0439.


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