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Share Article now offers an acronym search in order to help find an association's name or acronym. now provides a free acronym search feature that assists researchers in quickly finding an association's name or acronym.

This free service allows users to research the names and acronyms of over 17,000 national, state and regional associations in a central place. Users can either search by an association's acronym to find its name, or by an association's name to find the respective acronym. Results will show a list of the associations which have a specific acronym or name, depending on the search parameters.

After finding an association's name or acronym using this search, current subscribers to are linked to the organization's complete listing that includes personnel, contact information, conferences and educational programs. Non-subscribers may sign up for a free five-day trial to view a specific listing.

A downloadable version of the acronym search will be available soon for libraries to place on their intranet.

"Trade and professional associations are one of the best sources for industry information, but finding them isn't always easy--especially as the association world is a world of acronyms," said Joel Poznansky, president of Columbia Books & Information Services. "Columbia Books has been publishing the National Trade and Professional Associations and State and Regional Associations directories for over 40 years to the library and business community and is delighted to make more widely available the acronym search."

The acronym search feature is available at, maintained by Columbia Books & Information Services, is the online guide to 17,000 national, state and regional associations, their people and their meetings. For more than 40 years CBIS has tracked the association community and has provided the public with the most accurate and up-to-date information available.


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