New, Natural Solution to Lackluster Love Life Offered in New Book: Jungle King Secrets

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Many problems with male performance can be easily addressed by changing environmental and lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise, nutritional supplements and reducing intake of food additives and toxins. Paul Adcock's new book combines the latest scientific research on biochemical factors of erectile dysfunction with ancient wisdom from Taoism to provide a solid solution without drugs or surgery.

New book, "Jungle King Secrets" provides natural solutions for couples.

As Valentines Day 2008 has rolled around, we are reminded of relationships, romance, and our love life and on a purely physical level, our libido. Chances are libido and potency problems (prostate problems, potency problems, personal performance problems such as finishing too quickly, etc.) will eventually plague every man. Most men will also wish to maintain peak physical prowess into their senior years, and banish bedroom boredom and blues now, all of which require solid solutions tailored to a man's needs.

Few people are aware that the conventional avenues of treatment commonly available such as invasive medical intervention, savage surgery and dangerous drugs all have serious (yet understated) performance-busting side effects. But now, men can throw their libido-in-a-drug or surgical procedure away and make libido-in-a-lifestyle the order of the day.

For the first time, Jungle King Secrets has bridged the gap between sexual self-help genres. Incorporating performance-enhancing nutrition secrets, world class wellness workouts, lessons in legendary lovemaking, and the physics, philosophy and psychology of potency, "Jungle King Secrets" leaves no lifestyle factor that affects libido uncovered. Jungle King Secrets is the product of years of rigorous research into the sexual health implications of many emerging sciences integrated with the ancient wisdom tradition of Taoist Sexology. This leading edge combination brings a unique understanding to the universal male deficiencies so that lovers can enhance the experience of elation and cultivate love that lasts a lifetime.

The secrets of the Jungle King are simple, they are nature's secrets. Wild creatures in the pristine areas of nature always have the vitality needed to victoriously validate their virility. Conversely, industrialized society spawns substances and encourages lifestyles that lower reproductive drives in many ways. One downside to modern civilization is that billions of pounds of libido inhibiting synthetic chemicals are created every year as byproducts of industrialization. Many of these chemicals end up in, or are added to our food, medicine, personal care products, water, etc. The consequence is that modern men are being chemically castrated. Another symptom of disharmony with the primal power of nature is degenerative diseases such as diabetes, heart disease etc., which also cause impotence. Animals living free and wild in the untamed wilderness do not suffer these types of sicknesses.

By partaking in a proactive, potent lifestyle paradigm one can experience liberated libido for life. One can experience exuberant energy erupting in pleasurable pulsations at the height of passion between partners as life enriching pleasure rather than a short lived sensation that takes effort to evoke, has an exhausting effect and leaves one feeling empty. When one knows the secrets of superior satisfaction one can begin cultivating climatic consciousness that allows one to experience life as a continuous cosmic celebration. This is the blessing of our birthright.

Information about libido liberation is available at Jungle King Online . "Jungle King Secrets" (ISBN 978-1-932690-49-1) is available for purchase from just in time for Valentines Day 2008. Published by Loving Healing Press.


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