Acclaimed Researcher Reveals in New Study Simple Remedies that Actually Save Gas, Improve Automobile Fuel Economy and Reduce Our Foreign Oil Dependence

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New research study, based on the latest advancements in scientific research and automotive technology, reveals dozens of ways and strategies that drivers and consumers, themselves, can in fact dramatically increase a driver's fuel economy and gas usage by some 50 to 60 percent at little or no extra expense, and dramatically reduce gas costs. Plus restore, as well, our national security by cutting our dependence on foreign oil, increase safety, longer vehicle life, lower emissions and environmental degradation, greener living, etc.

Fed up with and worried about high fuel costs and escalating gas prices? Frustrated by our (American) dependence on foreign oil? You're not alone. Recently, only in December 2007, the U.S. Congress enacted, and President Bush signed into law, the "Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007," designed to tackle precisely that very problem -- reducing the average driver's demand and usage of fuel by requiring that the driver meet a fuel economy standard of 35 MPG (miles per gallon) by 2020. That will mean an increase of 40 percent in fuel economy over current situation, literally meaning a savings of some 40 percent in the fuel costs of the average driver compared to today.

But hold on for a minute, says a new research study just released, "Boost Your Auto Fuel Economy & Cut Your Gas Costs by At Least 50%, Guaranteed," authored by Benji O. Anosike, Ph.D. Forget about having to wait till 2020, the study says; you, yourself (the average driver) can, in fact, achieve that same level of fuel economy and savings, or even better, TODAY. Dr. Anosike, a long-time legal and automotive researcher and expert on consumer self-help and cost-saving techniques, is the acclaimed author previously of the best-selling auto expense management book, "How to Settle Your Auto Accident Claims Without a Lawyer," and the author of over 24 self-help books on various topics of law and human life.

Anosike reveals in this 150-page study, the latest advancements in scientific research and automotive technology bearing on substantially improving the fuel economy and efficiency of a driver, detailing dozens of ways, all proven and certified by experts, governments and reputable evaluators, by which drivers and consumers can in fact:

  •     Dramatically increase a driver's fuel economy and usage by some 50 to 60 percent
  •     Get a driver or vehicle up to 30, 35 or 40 MPG in fuel usage TODAY (not in 2020)
  •     Beat the current high prices at the pump and make fuel costs affordable to the average driver
  •     Drastically reduce gas emission, environmental pollution and global warming
  •     Combat the rising health epidemic of obesity and diabetes by our growing over-reliance on automobile transportation and little exercise
  •     Combat international terrorism and restore our national security by cutting our dependence on foreign oil

"The fundamental premise and thesis established by this study," says Dr. Anosike, "are basically two-fold. First, that both as an average driver and as a society, we (the Canadian and American drivers) don't really have to wait for the government or the OPEC or the automobile makers to solve our current high fuel or energy cost problems for us. Rather, simply as individuals, as drivers and consumers, we can by our own simple personal actions cut the fuel consumption and cost in a huge way, by up to 50 percent or more -- if we're really serious about it. And secondly, that we don't have to wait till 2020 to get the benefit of that relief. We can substantially enjoy it right now -- again, if we truly have the human will and the desire to do it."

Author Anosike illustrates by various concrete examples in the book, that by merely learning and utilizing various techniques, strategies and measures outlined therein, most of which do not involve high tech gadgetry and equipment or high expense but have been authenticated by respected industry experts to substantially save fuel -- techniques and measures such as good driving, less or no driving (bicycling or walking), minimal maintenance of the engine and certain crucial vehicle components, getting the best wheels for the vehicle, carpooling, etc. -- a driver can dramatically save tremendous amounts of fuel, maximize the use of every drop of gas intake, and reduce fuel costs as much as 50 to 60 percent -- in terms of getting more miles per gallon or litre and money saved, as well as of increased safety, longer vehicle life, reduced emissions and environmental degradation, and reduced dependence on foreign oil and giving aid to international terrorism, etc.

James Bishop Jr., former U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of Energy, enthusiastically endorses a book of the subject matter of "Boost Your Auto Fuel Economy & Cut Your Gas Costs by at Least 50%, Guaranteed," as he notes that this is "the sort of book we hope will become widespread in America because it shows there are things people can do." Bishop adds that with a book of this caliber thrust in "the hands of the average driver, we can start cutting down on fuel consumption right away."

"It's all based on concrete scientific and mechanical data that continue to emerge, not on some bogus gimmickry or claims," says Dr. Anosike, the veteran researcher and prolific author. "Oh yes, a driver can achieve those tremendous results today, as we speak. And such fuel-boosting and cost-saving remedies we outline, are fully documented and certified as proven by eminent experts in the industry. In deed, even the U.S. and Canadian government agencies, and others, confirm them."

Anosike adds: "That's simply the reality, the FACT on the ground right now. The real issue for the average American and Canadian consumer has been, and is, which motorists are duly aware or informed of this FACT that such legitimate remedies that'll tremendously save then fuel and money now, do actually exist, and which ones among them do actually take that crucial practical bold step, and step out and take advantage of them and implement them in their own daily driving lives."    

For information on this novel proven dramatic fuel-saving and cost-reduction study, visit http://www.GetAutoFuelSavings.Org


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