Why 90% of Martial Arts Instructors Are Not Succeeding In Business, According to The Institute of Martial Arts Professionals

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With 90% of martial arts instructors failing in business within three years, we cover some of the most common reasons below why martial arts instructors fail in business. The Institute of Martial Arts Professionals (IMAP) have created an online solution to provide martial arts teachers with the most powerful martial arts business knowledge and marketing strategies to ensure they succeed in business. http://www.mainstructor.com

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With 90% of martial arts instructors failing in business within three years, we cover some of the most common reasons below why martial arts instructors fail in business.

The majority of martial arts instructors running their schools as businesses have done so not because of recognising a business opportunity but because the passion for the art has pushed them into it, so to speak. This is great, but it also puts people into running their own business who ordinarily wouldn't run another type of business. Its what Michael Gerber calls the E Myth.

They are not prepared to invest in their future, successful martial arts instructors finds the money for the seminar, those resources, those DVDs because they recognise the importance this new information and motivation has on themselves and the future development and growth of their business.

They invest and expect too much and go to a seminar and expect to get an idea that will get them 100 new students. With our resource you only need one idea per year and the membership pays for itself.

They are not committed to succeeding and lack the personal attributes required to run a successful school and profitable martial arts business. They don't think about their business often enough and only put enough time in to get by. The unsuccessful martial arts teachers talk a lot about what they are going to do but never takes action on those ideas.

They let setbacks affect them too easily and lack the perseverance required to overcome obstacles to succeed. They have a short term mentality and think the reason they are not successful is because of reasons outside of themselves and don't take responsibility for their situation, this prevents them from doing something about it.

They are not prepared to listen to good advice and give reasons why it won't work for them. They get good advice from someone who has been their and done it and ignore it!. The easiest thing in the world is to copy someone successful, to achieve similar results.

Some martial arts teachers are trapped in tradition and fear change, they do things because that's what they have always done but never question why am I doing it, whats the benefit And they expect to get a different result from doing the same things they have always done!

They cant keep students or manage their finances. The school never grows because their school is not systemized and structured enough to make it easy for students to continue training at their school. Not enough focus is put into student progress and making the lessons upbeat and exciting.

They have no budget in place and overspend money they haven't got because they lack the discipline required to sit down and put something on paper to manage what comes in and what goes out each month and then save for their tax bill.

We all have a great opportunity to make a fine and honourable living from something that makes a worthy contribution to society. Take the attitude "if its up to me then so it shall be"

IMAP provides leading edge martial arts business, marketing and growth strategies for martial arts teachers and instructors starting or running martial arts schools. For more please visit http://www.mainstructor.com


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