Ever Needed To Ask A Monkee For Advice? Who Hasn't? "Ask Peter Tork" Debuts Online at thedailypanic.com

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Former teen idol and current Shoe Suede Blues-man and solo artist Peter Tork is taking questions on a variety of topics from people all over the globe in his new column, "Ask Peter Tork". Find it exclusively online at http:// thedailypanic.com Have a question? Peter Tork has an answer. Think of it as having your own Monkee Uncle.

Peter is one of the six pop stars in the world who are actually interested in something other than themselves

-Hey, hey he's...an advice columnist? Peter Tork, former member of the Monkees and long time heartthrob of women "of a certain age" hasn't stopped rocking - he's still got a blues band on the road and does Monkee-related appearances to the delight of old and new fans, but he's also taking his life experience and passing it on to readers who ask his advice on everything from boy trouble to boy bands.

Along with Davy Jones, Micky Dolenz and Michael Nesmith, as the TV and pop music darlings the Monkees, Peter Tork rocketed to world wide stardom in the 1960s and has periodically toured and worked with his former bandmates since then, including several very popular reunion tours and a TV special.

As part of the motley and irresistible crew of writers at http://www.thedailypanic.com, Peter is the newly-minted advice columnist and author of "Ask Peter Tork".

"It just seemed a natural addition for Peter, as far as I could see" says The Daily Panic editor Therra Cathryn Gwyn, a hurricane Katrina refugee who came up with the idea for her webzine while living in her RV, " Peter is incredibly patient. I have watched him sit and listen to people's problems -- at times people he barely knew -- for far longer than most of us would and in the end give them good, solid advice. Luckily for us, he's both book-smart and savvy in life experience. He's been a TV and music mega-star, had highs that would have killed some people, lows that would have killed others and a career that's lasted longer than some of his fans have been alive. He's a recovering alcoholic now sober for over 25 years, has oodles of relationship experience, he's got great, productive children, he lived through the 60s and is still rocking in his 60s. If that doesn't qualify him to dish out some advice, I don't know what does."

"Ask Peter Tork" is not just advice for the lovelorn, however. Fans and the curious write in asking about everything from relationships to rock star quirks, from guy talk to guitars. And, surprising to some, nearly as many men as women write in.

"Peter is one of the six pop stars in the world who are actually interested in something other than themselves," Gwyn jokes,"If your kids want to ask a rock star for advice, steer them away from Tommy Lee and towards Peter Tork."

Find Peter and the rest of The Daily Panic crew shakin' at http://www.thedailypanic.com

You can write to him yourself at askpetertork@thedailypanic.com. Think of it as having your own Monkee Uncle.


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