New "Responsibility Check Lists" Help Teach Autism Spectrum Kids Independence

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Visual Schedules Help Kids Maintain Routines at Home or at School

Children with autism thrive on structure, and routine is often their best friend. Autism spectrum kids feel more secure when they know what to expect, and visual schedules provide comfort while teaching vital independence and self-help skills. Now Natural Learning Concepts (, a noted provider of quality materials for children on the autism spectrum, has released two of its most eagerly awaited new products, the Responsibility Check List Sets, in separate editions for School and Home. Each set is priced individually and affordably at $12.95 apiece.

To celebrate the new products, and for a limited time only, customers can enjoy a $5 savings on the sets, for a combined purchase price of just $20, available immediately at Please use the coupon code 4309117 to redeem this offer, which is valid for the first 300 customers only.

"We all follow daily routines," comments Natural Learning Concepts Co-Founder Jene Aviram. "Students on the autism spectrum are empowered by these visual Check Lists. Their confidence levels rise when they control their own schedules. The Check Lists also ease anxiety and frustration, as children always know exactly what is coming next, as well as how many steps there are to completion."

The Responsibility Check Lists are portable laminated card sets, bound on a single metal ring that can be easily opened or closed. The ring allows parents and students to remove, add, or change the order of items (or even to combine Check Lists, if both Home and School packs are used together). The use of the ring means that the list may be easily clipped to a belt, key ring, or backpack, for added convenience. Each Responsibility Check List includes an assortment of high-quality, laminated photo cards as the perfect tools to teach self-help skills, establish routines, and to self-monitor behavior.

The Home Responsibility Check List contains activities that occur before and after school, breaking down the tasks of the day with clear images and short sentences. Examples in this Check List include: "I wake up, I go to the toilet, I brush my teeth" right through to evening activities such as "I eat dinner, I take a bath, I put on my pajamas," and more, with each step clearly defined.

For the School Check List, activities are separated into three categories, Before School, During School and After School. This visual schedule includes a wealth of common helpful activities and reminders, such as "I listen to my teacher, I do my work, I raise my hand in class, I keep my hands to myself, I pack my school bag, I say good-bye to my friends," and more.

"The cards of each Responsibility Check List are a visual representation of a child's day, at Home, or at School," adds Co-Founder Jocelyn Blum. "They empower kids with autism who typically thrive on structure. For parents and teachers working to increase independence, accountability and self-help skills, they're truly an affordable and invaluable tool."

Using the Responsibility Check Lists is easy and fun. Parents or teachers can begin by organizing and reordering the set to the child's own schedule and preferences. Teach the use of the cards by flipping through the sets while practicing the activities. Once the child is familiar with the set, she can begin flipping through the cards on her own, swiftly learning how each card corresponds with the completion of an activity. The cards will soon become an important and reassuring part of the child's daily life.

About Natural Learning Concepts

Natural Learning Concepts is committed to the acceptance, celebration and understanding of people with autism exactly as they are. Their range of outstanding books, materials and inspirational content are designed to facilitate communication, increase speech, language and comprehension while having fun in the process. All of the materials on the Natural Learning Concepts website are used for teaching children at all levels of the autism spectrum as well as those diagnosed with PDD-NOS, Asperger's, ADHD and speech and language delays. The company's critically acclaimed materials are routinely used for ABA therapy, social storybooks for autism, early intervention and verbal behavior analysis. Parents, teachers, and other loved ones enjoy using these tools to celebrate and work with that special child in their life who has autism.

Please visit the Natural Learning Concepts website to learn more, as well as to take part in its diverse and enthusiastic online community, at Also, don't miss its exciting and successful Job Community, at

For more information on Natural Learning Concepts or its products, please contact publicist Angela Mitchell, at (904) 982-8043.

Meanwhile, to contact founders Jene Aviram or Jocelyn Blum directly for interviews, please call 1-800-823-3430 or (631) 858-0188. Review copies of the Responsibility Check Lists and other superb NLC products are gladly provided upon request.

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