Award Winning Author's New Novel Takes Bite Out of Career Politicians

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An Eagle Unchained looks at political solutions the politicians will never consider.

An Eagle Unchained is a novel especially pertinent during this Presidential election year when none of the candidates are addressing the basic causes of the economic and political problems facing America.

"A government big enough to give you everything you want is strong enough to take everything you have." Thomas Jefferson.

In his sixth novel, An Eagle Unchained, award winning author James R. Olson has crafted a story that warns of a government out of control—an insatiable monster devouring our resources and our freedoms. Oppressive laws and regulations are forcing businesses to outsource jobs, or relocate entirely to less restrictive countries. Millions are unemployed as the middle class is fast slipping into poverty, leaving only two social groups; those dependent on government handouts and those bled dry to pay for social programs.

An Eagle Unchained is the story of one man with the courage to stand against the establishment. Businessman Theodore Winston Hale reaches out to a desperate nation with his message that more laws, more regulations, and more government is not the answer because an intrusive Federal government IS the problem.

The powerful elite controlling the nation's political machinery don't believe Hale poses a meaningful threat to their power base until the American people begin responding to his message. Then they fight back with every dirty weapon in their arsenal. When those tactics prove ineffective the opposition turns to the ultimate weapon, assassination.

An Eagle Unchained retails for $19.95 in paperback, but Olson considers it so important for Americans to read this novel that he is offering the e-book version totally free of charge. It can be downloaded from his website,

If you would prefer a hard copy of An Eagle Unchained, in either paperback or hardcover, Erian Press,, is offering a special discount and free shipping for autographed copies.

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