Poor Writing Giving You Headaches? Book Offers Remedy for Americans' Inability to Write

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New York firm tackles writing deficiencies with release of Editor's Secrets: 10 Keys to Stronger Writing in 30 Minutes. "This splendid book" reveals 10 practical steps for fixing the most common problems faced by those called on to write in business, government, institutional, and educational settings.

"Everyone knows that American corporations lose billions of dollars each year because their employees can't write," says William T. Buckley, co-author of the newly-published Editor's Secrets: 10 Keys to Stronger Writing in 30 Minutes.

"For instance," he points out, "U.S. insurance companies alone lose more than $1 billion annually due to careless writing by claims personnel -- not counting their other workers. Schools and colleges try, but appear to be losing ground in the 'writing crisis,' which has reached the point where one study concludes that some two-thirds of university graduates cannot write a simple letter."

Adds Buckley, who's also a writing coach: "We wrote this book because American employers can't wait for education and remediation to catch up. They need workers who can write well right now."

Laura Winterroth, co-author of Editor's Secrets and Managing Director of TD Consulting Group, has been in the business of bringing people's writing up to speed for more than 15 years.

"We've been on the 'fixing end' of America's writing morass and have coached and trained thousands of writers in the workplace," she says. "What became clear to us was that we were seeing the same set of underlying problems, over and over again, plaguing those who had to write on the job and elsewhere -- everything from reports to memos to proposals to dissertations, even e-mails.

"Our solutions to these 'universal' problems make up the 10 Keys of our title," says Winterroth. "As we've coached people to improve the effectiveness of their writing, we have witnessed firsthand non-writers becoming good writers, and good writers better writers.

"We thought it was high time to take what we had learned about the real problems of writing, and the real frustrations of writers," explains Winterroth, "and to distill this knowledge -- as Editor's Secrets -- into a compact resource for a wider audience."

Editor's Secrets directs readers with a two-pronged approach to better writing: Know how to become a self editor; know how to apply the few guiding principles of the 10 Keys on the job or in school to create work that is clearer, shorter, and more effective.

The book is currently available at http://www.tdgroupusa.com/publications and at Amazon.com.

What People Are Saying About Editor's Secrets:

"When I created the For Dummies™ series of self-help books, I wanted to target intelli¬gent people who'd been made to feel dumb about some everyday matter -- computers, wine, golf, finance, whatever -- and show them that, with help and direction, they could become smart about anything. Editor's Secrets pursues a similar goal for people who need to write. Read it, and you'll feel like a writing dummy no more. Laura and Bill reveal their 'secret formula' for better writing and editing in a simple, direct, and instructive manner. The presentation, the tips and hints, and the overall tone are nurturing and reassuring. Count on this book to deliver writing results -- fast!"

-- John Kilcullen, founder of the For Dummies™ brand of books

"This splendid book will help everyone from memo-writers to memoir-writers."

-- Chris Lowney, author of Heroic Leadership

"Editor's Secrets reaches up and slaps you into shape. Straightens your tie. Pours you some black coffee. And makes you write it better -- because you don't have time to sound stupid…. It starts by telling you how to organize your thoughts before you write. Then it shows how to build sentences and paragraphs without fluff or wasted words. Your writing will become stronger, more persuasive, and even fun to read."

-- Duncan Maxwell Anderson, President of High Tor Media

TD Consulting Group is an award-winning provider of performance solution, organizational development, business training, and executive coaching services. TD's five service areas comprise business writing, presentations skills, customer service, leadership development, and strategy implementation. The firm's business writing specialty includes the Dynamic Writing© series of in-house training programs plus individualized coaching and customized writing services.

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