For Everyone Whose New Year's Diet Has Not Worked: Dr. Randolph Offers the Missing Key To Turn Your Frustration Into A Lifetime Celebration

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Hormones are adding inches to your waist and subtracting years from your life, it's time to end all the years of failure. With summer just around the corner, Dr .C.W. Randolph's new book shows how to achieve the weight loss results and the flat tummy you have always wanted.

'From Belly Fat to Belly Flat', just released in January '08, has been a consistent best seller in bookstores and on-line from the first week it hit the market. Formerly frustrated and fat women and men are embracing Dr. Randolph's groundbreaking 3 Step Belly Flat Plan and, finally, getting results. Then they are telling their friends.

"Diet and exercise are not enough. Every month my practice sees hundreds of women and men who have tried every fad diet on the market only to fail each and every time. The sad fact is that all these people think that they are doing something wrong when in fact they are not. They are just missing the key piece of the puzzle that will solve their weight gain/weight loss dilemma for life," says 'From Belly Fat to Belly Flat' author, C.W. Randolph, M.D., one of the nation's leading medical experts on natural hormone replacement. "If you are a woman over 30 or a man over 40 and have that extra bulge around the middle that you just can't lose, most likely, you are suffering from a shift in hormone production at the cellular level. If your hormones are out of balance, you won't be able to lose those extra pounds no matter how few calories you consume or how much you exercise. Our best selling book explains how to safely re-balance your hormones and achieve the weight loss results -- as well as the flat tummy - you have always wanted."

"What is really exciting to me is how this book has taken off not as a result of high dollar marketing but, instead, by real life results and simple word of mouth," says Dr. Randolph.

According to Genie James, co-author and co-founder of The Natural Hormone Institute of America, "According to our publisher, our book sales over the last two months look as if we have been on Oprah or The Today Show. We haven't. We attribute our best selling numbers to grassroots word of mouth. When a woman who has been pudgy for years finally gets 'buff' you better believe she is going to tell (and show) the world."

Dr. Randolph explains that "estrogen dominance," a natural shift in hormone production that occurs with age, is the culprit causing weight gain and sabotaging even the most steadfast attempts to shed it. He also explains that hormone related belly fat is not only unattractive; it can be a health hazard. Medical studies have shown that extra fat carried around the abdomen can increase the risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and several types of cancer including breast, uterine and prostate.

Dr. Randolph and Ms. James originally partnered on the best-selling book 'From Hormone Hell to Hormone Well'. Now, in 'From Belly Fat to Belly Flat', they share their groundbreaking weight loss and weight management plan medically proven to eliminate mid-line bulge for life. The foundation of their 3 Step Belly Flat Plan is over-the-counter bio-identical hormone replacement to reverse the underlying condition of estrogen dominance. Then they recommend a tasty nutritional plan (30 day menu/recipes) combined with a daily supplement regimen to help the body eliminate extra estrogen naturally.

Dr. Randolph and Ms. James also include real life case studies revealing how men and women following their plan not only got thinner, but, also developed more energy, a stronger libido and clearer thinking. No wonder people are excited to show off and tell their friends!

Read From Belly Fat to Belly Flat and you, too, can discover the missing piece of your weight gain/weight loss puzzle.

From Belly Fat to Belly Flat is available in bookstores everywhere. For more information, go to Media Inquiries, contact Nanette Noffsinger at


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