Vumber Offers the Spring Break Crowd a New Way of Protecting Themselves

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Disposable, two-way phone numbers add a layer of safety and security

this number is no longer in service

Today Vumber ( announces their top 5 phone number related scenarios that college students want to avoid this Spring Break. The majority of college students look forward to Spring Break as it gives them time off from school and an opportunity to travel, meet new people and have fun. However, sometimes a little too much fun leads to giving phone numbers out to the wrong people, which you may regret when Spring Break is over. Vumber addresses this concern with their secure, disposable, two–way phone numbers that link to any current phone line.

Now you can meet new people and feel okay with giving them your number. Just give them your Vumber instead. If it ends up being a mistake, you can quickly and easily change the Vumber, block a specific caller or choose another convenient option from the web site.

"Vumber understands how beneficial it can be to cultivate new relationships, but at the same time it can also be dangerous and there is a risk of someone abusing the privilege of having your personal number," says Cliff Wener, President and co-founder of Vumber. "With Vumber, you can feel confident when giving out your number because you are maintaining control and ultimately, protecting your privacy."

We can bet most of us have had a bad experience with offering a personal number and then wishing we hadn't. Below are the top five Spring Break scenarios involving those awkward moments of number exchange, and how the new service from Vumber is here to rescue you!

1) Free Drink, Expensive Consequence: We all know this one. You're out having a good time and someone decides to buy you drinks all night and in return they simply ask for your number. At first giving out your number seems harmless, but what about later when they constantly call to the point where you consider changing your number?
With Vumber, if this happens, you can change your Vumber, block the specific caller, create and out-of-service signal or choose another quick and convenient option from the web site.

2) Caught in the Number Lie: Someone asks for your number and you give them a fake number. Then they dial the number from their phone and when your phone doesn't ring you either look like an idiot or a liar. So embarrassing! Since Vumber is linked to your existing line, your cell phone will ring if they decide to call you to verify the number. But they still won't have your personal phone number...

3) Expiration Dating: You only wanted a "spring break boyfriend/girlfriend". You are so over it, and they so aren't. You have no desire to speak to the person anymore but they have unfortunately formed an annoying relationship with your voicemail. Don't you wish you could customize your voicemail just for them to bug off!? You can customize your Vumber voicemail so when that number is called, a different voicemail is heard other than your primary voicemail. A "this number is no longer in service" message would get the point across that you are no longer reachable.

4) Networking Nightmare: You meet someone who says they have the "hook up" here or the "VIP" treatment there, only so they can get your phone number to talk to you. But then you soon find out that they are crazy! Good thing you gave them your Vumber. You can even set up times to receive your Vumber phone calls so you are not bombarded constantly.

5) Solicitor Madness: Where there are college students, there are solicitors, hoping to get contact information for freebies, credit card forms, or contests. Then they start calling you with marketing offers, or sell your number to telemarketing services. Vumbers are perfect for this. Vumber lets you manage your call life so you can give your Vumber out to people you don't know very well, and keep your real number for the people you are certain should have it, like friends and family.

Vumber, your virtual phone number allows you to choose an additional phone number that can be linked to any existing phone number. Subscribers pick an area code, and get a Vumber instantly. Calls can be made to and from a Vumber at any time. All calls made to your Vumber will ring on your regular phone. Users can also change their Vumber at any time (up to three times per account) and the service is fully customizable. Customers can change the way incoming calls are handled by setting commands, which automatically send calls to voicemail, play busy signals or do not ring. As for the psycho phone callers, Vumber users can also set up an automated message to inform callers that the number is no longer in service. Now you can treat your real number as almost a "VIP" number, to go to those you know you want to stay in contact with, and everyone else can have your Vumber until you decide otherwise.

For more information about Vumber or to sign up, visit To set up a time to speak with Co-founder Cliff Wener, please contact Lauren Monroe at or call 212-584-4330.


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