World Record Win Tips the Scale for 'Humanitarian' Dog Care

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World Champion Lance Mackey wins first ever back to back Yukon Quest and Iditarod Championships but the once touted impossible feat scores with added veterinarian's "humanitarian touch" in dog care.

proven nutritional performance for dog sports

You could say that reigning champion, Lance Mackey, has scored his version of the triple crown in dog sports. Lance and his dog team achieved what experts once considered "impossible". They won the grueling 1000 mile Yukon Quest and the 1100 Iditirod Trail Sled Dog Race championships. Both are very prestigious dog sports events. As if that wasn't enough, Lance was honored by the veterinarian's "Humanitarian Award" for his outstanding dog care.

And all in the last six weeks.

Dog owners all over the world - with or without "mushing" experience or interest - should take careful note here. The theme is "success and performance" coupled with "superior dog care".

According to Lance Mackey, there is no "secret" here. Both superior dog care and superior dog performance are possible in the Redpaw approach to dog care nourishment. See "This isn't just about mushing. It's not even about dog sports. It is about the extraordinary dog care breakthrough achieved here", according to Lance himself.

Until Lance and his dog sled team achieved this milestone, no one believed it was possible to win the two championships, much less back to back. Now, all dog sports - and dog care enthusiasts - will do well to comb every detail of Lance Mackey's "secret".

Mushing dogs are bred for this rigorous "sport of dog sports". This kind of canine athletic performance sets standards long needed for thorough studies in dog care nutrition in general.

The grueling 1000 mile Yukon Quest - one of the most demanding in all dog sports - tests dog care and performance to the max. But, to turn about in less than two weeks with the same dogs and win the prestigious 1100 mile Anchorage to Nome, Alaska, Iditarod, was considered impossible by experts.

What's Lance's "not-so-secret" approach? A very special dog care program, now available to every dog owner. Hence the award offered by veterinarians who oversee the event and are familiar with dog sports.

It's no secret that the "double win" by Lance and his dog team utilized the Redpaw formula for dog care. Just last year, five of the first ten winners of the 2007 Iditirod championship alone used Redpaw in their dog care preparations. It appeared a new standard for dog sports, working dogs and dog care in general was in the making.

But, this year was the first "Double - Double" as they call it in the mushing world. Lance and his team won the Yukon Quest and the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race again back to back. That's two years in a row. It wasn't supposed to happen once. The world of dog sports has now achieved a first ever milestone.

Taking nothing away from Lance Mackey, a highlight to the story was what the veterinarians saw in Lance's performance. They honored him with their prestigious award because they were impressed by his singular approach to dog care. Lance uses Redpaw to provide what he believes is "proven nutritional performance for dog sports". It is the cornerstone of his dog care program.

His dogs are not injury-prone. Despite the rigors of mushing, his dogs suffer nothing by way of major injuries. And they demonstrate essentials in dog care nutrition:

Healthy coats, eyes, and nails are the consistent "outward signs of excellence in dog care", according to dog care nutrition expert Eric Morris. See
"Outstanding focus and happy attitudes are results we all want from a dog care regimen. These are vital in both dog sports and "quality of life" for general canine care", says Morris.

Strong collagen with connective tissue development is difficult to sustain in any dog care program. Lance's victories demonstrate this consistent Redpaw advantage.
Mature muscular development lacking obesity traits distinguishes this dog care regimen.

All of this reflects the kind of dog care requirements known to vets for healthy internal organ, bone, and tissue assessment. Dog care nutrition is the cornerstone to the three components making for effective preparation in all dog sports: training, nutrition, and breeding.

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