Papa Herb's Store Brings Great Variety Online

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Herbert Smith of has opened his new online enterprise with the intent of selling a wide selection of gift items, offering an ever-growing treasure trove of quality items.

Retirement has led Herbert Smith to seek out new hobbies, resulting in the opening of his latest enterprise, "I looked at the items and found them extremely interesting, so I thought I'd give it a try," says Herb, who is 71 years old and retired as an electrician from the Ford Motor Company. "I worked retail for a few years and I enjoyed it, so I thought I'd try to be my own boss and see what I can do."

What Herb has done is gather together a staggeringly large catalog of gift and décor products, creating a selection that has to be seen to be believed. "It's a potpourri of items," says Herb, "and touching base with that type of business seemed to make more sense than overspecializing. I don't see any reason to limit the items that I'm selling -- I'll sell the world if I can break it down into enough pieces!"

Variety is important to Herb, but not as important as quality. "I prefer to carry quality items that people can get long-term use out of and enjoy, either aesthetically or functionally," he explains, having chosen the items in his catalog carefully. "I will continually work toward having items of that nature."

Ensuring the satisfaction of his customers is integral to Herb's new business, so he has begun a blog at where he can interact with them directly. "I have ideas about certain things that are important to me that I'd like to talk to other people about," says Herb, who intends on giving his customers the chance to get to know him through the new blog. "I enjoy people. I'd rather sit and talk to someone and, if we come to a meeting of the minds, sell them what they are interested in at a reasonable cost."


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