Youth Exhibition at 2nd Biennial 01SJ Global Festival of Art on the Edge Made Possible Through Generous Support from Adobe

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Company Underwrites Micro-Grants for 18 International Artists / Arts Groups.

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As with Adobe Youth Voices, a global philanthropic initiative to empower youth in underserved communities, we are deeply committed to supporting programs such as 01SJ Adobe Global Youth Voices that promote the development of youth-generated content, give youth a voice, and allow them to spread their creative wings.

ZER01, organizers of 01SJ, a Global Festival of Art on the Edge, today announced details of its 01SJ Adobe Global Youth Voices exhibition sponsored by Adobe Systems Incorporated, a Visionary Festival sponsor providing support for 01SJ youth programs in both the 2006 and 2008 festivals. ZER01 is seizing the opportunity created by the Festival, and Adobe's support, to facilitate a global youth digital arts production initiative via a micro-grant program. Designed to enable youth worldwide to examine critical community issues, share their views, and take action, this project funds 18 different international artists, arts collectives, and established nonprofit arts organizations and institutions to support the creation of new work by young digital artists (ages 11- 21) during the months leading up to the Festival. 01SJ Adobe Global Youth Voices will culminate in an exhibition at the Tech Museum of Innovation during the Festival, June 4-8, featuring work generated by the youth, and showcasing their stories and progress from receipt of the micro-grants to production of the art.

"Supporting youth digital arts production at an international level is an incredibly timely and important service for the global youth community and the digital arts entities supporting this work," said Liz Slagus, Director of Education and Public Programs for Eyebeam (New York, NY) who in collaboration with ZER01 is producing the program and exhibition. "Adobe has shown its commitment to providing youth worldwide a platform to express themselves through media about issues they care about to spark a community dialogue."

The micro-grant program enables ZER01 as a catalyst for digital art practitioners to engage youth and share the experience of creating an infrastructure around new tools and practices. The exhibition of the youth digital art projects will provide a context for understanding how such work is made at all levels (by grassroots organizations to fully realized centers), and the relevance of this work to the youth involved.

"Young people are the engine of tomorrow's innovation," said Michelle Mann, director, Corporate Social Responsibility, at Adobe. "As with Adobe Youth Voices, a global philanthropic initiative to empower youth in underserved communities, we are deeply committed to supporting programs such as 01SJ Adobe Global Youth Voices that promote the development of youth-generated content, give youth a voice, and allow them to spread their creative wings."

Out of the unique proposals submitted to ZER01, the 18 projects listed below were funded with $500 micro-grants (with additional $500 stipends for documentation of the projects). In addition to these 18 projects, selected works from the Adobe Youth Voices global network will also be on display.

MACLA - Movimiento de Arte y Cultura Latino Americana (San Jose, CA)
The micro-grant funds: the creation of a digitally geared after-school program, which would allow MACLA to better engage local, Latino youth in the production of digital video/photo identity pieces regarding specific forms of Latino youth expression (i.e. "low riders").

Carrie Dashow/Purchase College-State University of New York (Purchase, NY)
The micro-grant funds: a participatory / performance-oriented video project in the form of the "Negotiable Camera Ensemble Club" at Purchase College. The artist has developed a specialized piece of software that allows collaborative video shoots to take form in a multi-video installation with relative ease. This allows the artist to seamlessly enter different communities to conduct video workshops and large participatory video-making projects, which take the temperature of the venues of the workshops and translate into installation-based presentations of the towns.

LINE (Skopje, Macedonia)
The micro-grant funds: a series of media-based workshops for a community in need of formalized art education (beyond the school system) and a platform for legitimizing technology-based art. The micro-grant will go toward a series of generative art workshops and production, with a built-in distribution system for the work via a network the organizers help to run.

Nueva School: (Hillsborough, CA)
The micro-grant funds physical computing / Interactive art projects developed as part of in-school setting that will use the Festival, as a means for distribution for the projects, as they have with MAKERS Fair in the past.

Hot Sun Films (Kibera, Africa)
The micro-grants funds: the on-going work of this group, which involves entering different African communities to teach video workshops to the youth and co-produce identity videos--bringing the voice of African youth to the rest of the world via ZER01 this year.

NEXMAP + Stephanie Rothenberg/San Francisco Art Institute City Studio program (San Francisco, CA) The micro-grant funds: a User Economics workshop, which uses physical computing and gaming technology to fold participants into the process of consumption and the impact of mass production/globalization. The grant will allow the workshop to be conducted at San Francisco Art Institute City Studio Program with NEXMAP: New Experimental Music, Art, Performance to be the first workshop geared specifically to youth and girls, with a built-in presentation forum at ZERO1.

KonTEKST Galerija/CYI (Belgrade, Serbia)
The micro-grant funds: workshops re: public change in the form of video, experimental photography and performance to develop critical discourse. The funding will support an experiment by a group of community members and groups to see if the tools of new media can allow for the telling of the stories of this area of the world to begin healing its youth.

Meryl Meisler/Institute for Collaborative Education (New York, NY)
The micro-grant funds: 'Sustenance and Sustainability'- a new 6th grade initiative at the Institute for Collaborative Education (6th-12th grades). 'Sustenance and Sustainability' is a video PSA class, regarding issues of ecology, sustainability, and making changes to save the environment. The 6th grade will work collaboratively to research their topics, produce and distribute their work amongst their peers at school…and beyond, thanks to ZER01.

Myra Margolin/GAP (Girls Advocacy Project) (Champaign, IL)
The micro-grant funds: a workshop-based project from which the outcome will be digital stories, and collaborative videos re: the experiences of girls in the criminal justice system.

Norene Leddy/Eyebeam (New York, NY)
The micro-grant funds: Shoe Hacking: a collaborative workshop, by Norene Leddy and Eyebeam Research & Development Fellows, Jessican Banks and Ayah Bdeir, exploring female identity via physical computing and issues of sexualization - video PSA outputs.

The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum (New York, NY)
The micro-grant funds: an on-going and innovative teen-focused (ages 14-18) museum education program that guides participants to interpret art works in large-scale exhibitions via new media tools. For the purposes of this program, the micro-grant will support a program based on the museum's current exhibitions, with the output being digital image and sound projects, which will combine the efforts of those interested in electronic image and sound production.

UCR/California Museum of Photography (Riverside, CA)
The micro-grant funds: the realization of a component of the UCR residency program that promotes community involvement. Resident artist, Gillermo Bejarano, will create digital murals with local youth as part of his residency.

Community School of Music and Arts (Palo Alto, CA)
The micro-grant funds: workshops that will result in collaborative interactive sound installations developed with MAX MSP/Jitter with the theme of "the future."

ICA (Institute of Contemporary Art) Boston (Boston, MA)
The micro-grant: supports the enrichment of the existing teen program at ICA; bringing the program to a new and exciting level by re-granting the money to specific and successful youth from the Fast Track Teen members of the ICA to utilize the ICA facilities to develop digital projects.

Children's Discovery Museum of San Jose (San Jose, CA)
The micro-grant: supports an existing drop-in after-school media-based program, which allows teens to collaborate on self-directed and themed multimedia projects (largely digital video and photography).

Space 47 (San Jose, CA)
The micro-grant funds: support for the organization to re-grant to two teens with whom they have been working. The pre-selected teens will develop collaborative self-directed multimedia (digital sound and image) projects to another level via the monetary and resource support from Space 47.

Palmeda (Nottingham, UK)
The micro-grant funds: support for a new leg of an existing program that will take the work of teens to the streets via large-scale digital projection interventions for public exhibition on the streets of London's Islington. Teens will be brought into the folds of this program via an open call for participation and the challenge to rethink the architecture of their own surrounding area.

FreeDIMENSIONAL (New York, Egypt and Bogota)
The micro-grant: supports the realization of freeDIMENSIONAL's youth workshops lead by exiled artists in three different cities around the world. The workshops culminate in performances, actions and/or critical digital documents concerning social justice. Everything produced in the workshops will be housed online as part of a developing conversation between the youth of the three cities involved: New York, USA, Cairo, Egypt and Bogota, Columbia.

About ZER01
ZER01: The Art and Technology Network is a non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring culture on the edge of art and technology. The organization convenes artists and technologists, showcases their collaborative efforts, sponsors artistic initiatives and presents the resulting work to the public. ZER01 is the producer of 01SJ, A Global Festival of Art on the Edge that consists of groundbreaking installations, interactive performances and new cinema. Find out more about the Festival at


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