New Company Fuels Self-Publishing Revolution

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Victory Graphics and Media has made it possible for every author to have the same opportunity to become published. Authors can get started for under $1000 and add more services as they can afford to do so that cover every aspect of becoming a successful bestselling author.

Victory Graphics and Media has launched a group of services to provide authors with everything they need to become successful. Moving beyond most of its competitors by offering affordable book marketing and publicity services.

Just a few short years ago, self-published books were horrific looking, spiral or tape bound concoctions, from a local quick print shop. What is this grass roots movement to self-publishing that appears to be revolutionizing the publishing world?

Product quality has changed drastically ...

The emergence and progress toward the quality of print on demand digital book presses have made traditional publisher quality available to the masses. In the not too distant past, telling the difference between a traditionally and self-published book was as easy as the difference between a $25 Elvis impersonator and the King himself. Today, either example would pass for the real King.

The most important feature that the digital book press brings to the table is the ability to produce high quality books in quantities of as few as one at a time. Victory Graphics and Media has joined in the movement by providing authors with a variety of services including top notch cover design, editing, writing assistance, formatting, typesetting, ISBN assignment, warehousing, order fulfillment, book publicity, marketing, and so much more. Victory Graphics and Media bundles their services in packages that allow authors to get started for less than $1,000 and gives them the opportunity to purchase more services down the road as they can afford it or feel the need for them.

The media doesn't care how an author became published anymore ...

In the beginning of the self-publishing movement, media outlets would not give the same consideration to self-published books, but this has drastically changed. The media is hungry for information they believe their readers want to know. When dealing with the current media, the question becomes: "Is it newsworthy?"

The bookstore's fear of self-published books has been appeased ...

Bookstores have been leery to order self-published books in the past. The biggest issues have been dealing with too many sources, poor quality of products, and the inability to return unsold merchandise. Victory Graphics and Media caters to authors and offers bookstore distribution. We have developed systems that allow self-published books to be marked as returnable and registered with a major wholesale book distributor that has more than 25,000 bookstores and libraries already ordering from it's organization. Authors still have to convince bookstores that their projects are going to sell through to end readers because of personal marketing and publicity efforts, but at least now bookstores will order and carry self-published books.

Weigh your options ...

It doesn't matter if you are pursuing children's book publishing, Christian book publishing, or general book publishing. Carefully consider if self-publishing is the right choice. What are the expectations? What is the purpose behind publishing a book? How will the end reader be notified about the existence of the finished book? Is their a legitimate market for the content? If you proceed with both eyes wide open, maintain realistic expectations, and work with an experienced author services company that has a reputation of integrity, then self-publishing can be a very rewarding experience. With the ever increasing number of unsolicited manuscripts being turned away by traditional publishers, self-publishing is a breath of fresh air for many authors.

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