Natural Learning Concepts Shines the Spotlight on Remarkable People in 'Life on the Spectrum'

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Natural Learning Concepts has launched a brand-new section, called "Life on the Spectrum." Just in time for Autism Awareness Month in April, the new section highlights triumphs and accomplishments of notable men and women living life on the autism spectrum.

With its popular and inspiring articles and essays by founder Jene Aviram, the Natural Learning Concepts website ( has already become a popular stop for parents and teachers seeking uplifting and positive content about life on the autism spectrum. Aviram's inspirational article "Forget the Diagnosis" has in fact become an anthem of sorts for hundreds of parents, teachers, websites, and publications, helping them to focus on the child -- and not the diagnosis. As Aviram knows all too well, there's plenty of hope, accomplishment, and triumph possible for those on the spectrum, as well as their families. To celebrate this fact, Natural Learning Concepts has launched a brand-new section, called "Life on the Spectrum" ( Here, visitors will find a variety of interviews by Natural Learning Concepts with notable men and women on the autism spectrum who have accomplished extraordinary things in their lives.

"We created 'Life on the Spectrum' in recognition of all the men, women and children on the autism spectrum," comments Natural Learning Concepts Co-Founder Jene Aviram. "We stand in awe of people with autism. Despite the many challenges they face, they're able to cope in a world that often has very little empathy, and even less understanding of their daily struggles. We believe in focusing on strengths and celebrating the accomplishments of those on the autism spectrum. Hearing their stories empowers others on the spectrum and inspires hope in parents and teachers, reminding us of just how much children are capable of, no matter what their current level of functioning might be. When it comes to autism, these men and women are the real experts!"

The new section "Life on the Spectrum" was launched with an in-depth interview (at with Daniel Hawthorne, author of A Reason for Hope. "When Daniel was a child, his future looked incredibly bleak. Without the ability to communicate (and remaining non-verbal until almost 7 years old), Daniel was classified as mentally retarded," comments Aviram. "His interview is truly amazing, taking him from his hopeless early days to someone who is today totally independent, with meaningful relationships and a good career. His book, A Reason for Hope, proves that anything is possible."

Also available at "Life on the Spectrum" is a fascinating interview ( with world-renowned speaker, teacher, and author Stephen Shore. As a child, Shore experienced regressive autism and lost all functional communication. Today, he is happily married and the gifted author of Beyond the Wall, Understanding Autism for Dummies and Ask and Tell: Self-Advocacy and Disclosure for People on the Autism Spectrum. Currently at work on a new book about travel and autism, Stephen Shore has the unique ability to inspire people while eloquently explaining the often puzzling behaviors of autism, and how to cope with the challenges. "Beyond the Wall is one of my favorite books, so it was a special pleasure and a privilege to be able to interview Stephen Shore for our new section," adds Aviram.

Qazi Fazli Azeem has faced many sensory challenges and obstacles throughout his life, and his interview with Natural Learning Concepts (found at is inspiring and unforgettable. Azeem's poor eye contact and inability to do math were hurdles - but they did not stop him from becoming Pakistan's highest certified teacher in Multimedia/Graphic Design. He also has a natural talent for numerology and is so proficient that he has been requested to do readings for celebrities and even government officials from over eleven countries.    

Upcoming interviews at "Life on the Spectrum" will include interviews with Jerry and Mary Newport, Michael Carley, Sean Barron, Temple Grandin and math savant Daniel Tammet (subject of the movie Brainman, and the focus of interviews with CNN, 60 Minutes, and more).

"Life on the Spectrum" is a great way to remind kids and their teachers, families, and parents alike that a diagnosis doesn't have to stand in your way if you want to achieve great things!" adds Co-Founder Jocelyn Blum. "Who knows what each of us is capable of? We have found that people on the spectrum continually surprise us with their unique abilities and fascinating perspectives."

About Natural Learning Concepts

Natural Learning Concepts is committed to the acceptance, celebration and understanding of people with autism exactly as they are. Their range of outstanding books, materials and inspirational content is designed to facilitate communication, increase speech, language and comprehension while having fun in the process. All of the materials on the Natural Learning Concepts website are used for teaching children at all levels of the autism spectrum as well as those diagnosed with PDD-NOS, Asperger's, ADHD and speech and language delays. The company's critically acclaimed materials are routinely used for ABA therapy, social storybooks for autism, early intervention and verbal behavior analysis. Parents, teachers, and other loved ones enjoy using these tools to celebrate and work with that special child in their life who has autism.

Please visit the Natural Learning Concepts website to learn more about "Life on the Spectrum," as well as to take part in its diverse and enthusiastic online community, at Also, don't miss its exciting and successful Job Community, at

For more information on Natural Learning Concepts or its products, please contact publicist Angela Mitchell, at (904) 982-8043. Meanwhile, to contact founders Jenāviram or Jocelyn Blum directly for interviews, please call 1-800-823-3430, (631) 858-0188, or e-mail Info @ Review copies of Picture Dialogues, Social Storybooks, Responsibility Checklists and other superb NLC products are gladly provided upon request.


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