Mixercast Partners with Draftfcb to Launch First-of-its-Kind Ad Campaign as an Integrated Social Media and Television Interactive Contest for Dockers Brand on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

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Dockers® "Livemercial" Aired on The Tonight Show on April 29th; Viewers Then Encouraged to Compete by Creating Their Own User-Generated Dockers® Ad Online on the Mixercast Platform Inspired by the Original TV Commercial

It goes without saying that we're thrilled that Draftfcb chose Mixercast to launch their unique advertising Dockers® campaign with The Tonight Show with Jay Leno!

Mixercast™, Inc., the creator of the MCast™ social media marketing platform, today proudly announced that it has partnered with Draftfcb to unveil an unique advertising contest with Dockers® San Francisco, a division of Levi Strauss & Co., in which viewers will evangelize the Dockers® brand through the social web by creating their own Dockers® commercials via the Mixercast platform inspired by a "livemercial" which aired last night on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Mixercast's partnership with Draftfcb for the Dockers® promotion marks a significant expansion of its fast growing business. Though Mixercast has launched many successful campaigns with top tier Media Companies to create custom Mixercast widgets and applications, Dockers® San Francisco marks the largest consumer goods brand to utilize Mixercast's social media marketing tools to heavily promote its brand across all social networks. In addition, Mixercast's partnership with Draftfcb traverses all boundaries as it effectively integrates on-air advertising with online social media advertising.

How it Works

Last night, a "livemercial" for the Dockers® brand was aired during The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Viewers were then encouraged to go to a micro site on NBC.com (http://www.nbc.com/dockers) to view the just-created commercial, and use it as their inspiration to produce their own Dockers® ad. Utilizing Mixercast's platform, contestants will be able to use all types of social media, including mashups, rich text, and animation as well as have access to a toolbox of Dockers® assets (additional raw video footage, logos, and the music track) to incorporate into their own commercial, and then submit their finalized Dockers® advertisement to the contest. The user-generated commercials, once reviewed and approved by Dockers® San Francisco, will then be embedded in a Mixercast widget for distribution throughout the digital world. In addition, consumers will also be able to experience the Dockers® Mixercast on YouTube, where they'll be encouraged to create their own commercial as well. The Dockers® Mixercast widget will also be available at http://www.mixercast.com.

"It goes without saying that we're thrilled that Draftfcb chose Mixercast to launch their unique advertising Dockers® campaign with The Tonight Show with Jay Leno!" said Jennifer Cooper, CEO and co-founder of Mixercast. "It's great news for our industry that a large, established, mainstream brand like Dockers® is embracing this new way to engage their target audience through the use of the Mixercast MCast social media marketing platform."

As more contestants submit their own Dockers® commercial to the Mixercast widget, the experience will become more vibrant… as each newly submitted commercial then becomes part of the Dockers® campaign, allowing the world to view the new commercials. Contestants will also be able to simultaneously publicize their commercial by posting the Dockers® Mixercast widget on their own to other social networking sites (blogs, MySpace, Facebook pages, etc.).

The Ultimate Prize for the contestants? The winning user-generated commercial will have a chance to air on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Friday, June 13th.

Big Brands (Consumer Goods & Media Co's) are Turning to Mixercast

Numerous recent Forrester Research reports have documented that traditional marketing campaigns prove to be unsuccessful on social networking sites. The reason, states Charlene Li, Forrester Principal Analyst is that "social networking sites cannot be treated as channels because their members are not passive web pages."

By re-inventing traditional marketing campaigns, Mixercast is quickly becoming the solution that top advertising agencies are turning to for the creation and management of successful interactive ad campaigns in the social networking arena which also effectively integrate with their television and print advertising campaigns for their Big Brand clients.

With the goal of advertising on social networking sites in a unique and compelling way to purposefully engage with their customers more deeply, Dockers® San Francisco has become the latest consumer goods brand to launch a new campaign utilizing Mixercast. Draftfcb enlisted Mixercast's MCast social media marketing platform to create and deploy this unique advertising campaign as a new way to extend the Dockers® brand and reach into the world of social media. The MCast platform will also generate extensive reporting with regard to the location, usage and virality of the customized Dockers® Mixercast widget… invaluable information for Dockers® marketing department!

"We're excited to partner with Mixercast and utilize their Mcast social media marketing platform to extend our campaign beyond traditional media and into the creative hands and minds of social-web users," stated Michael Knott, VP Director of Creative Media at Draftfcb. "By encouraging consumers to create their own version of the Dockers® commercial, submit it to the contest and post it to their favorite social web sites using the Mixercast widget, we envision that this will be one of our most successful viral campaigns to date."

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About Mixercast
Mixercast™, Inc., the creator of the MCast™ social media marketing platform, enables content publishers and advertisers to reach audiences across all social networks. The result is a customized Mixercast application which incorporates all elements of social media, including mashups, blogs, video, music, text, and animation that can be published on any social network. The MCast Platform combines a means of monetization with deep analytics and delivers syndication of content and applications distributed on the social web. Headquartered in San Mateo, California, Mixercast is funded by Intel Capital, ONSET Ventures and Velocity Interactive Group. For more information about Mixercast, go to: http://www.Mixercast.com.


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