1,000 Beverly Hills Tummy Tucks -- Without a Single Re-do

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The fastest and most simple tummy tuck that plastic surgeons perform is removing some stomach skin and fat. But the least effective tummy tuck is often the mini tummy tuck. However, it does not address the stretched and weakened muscles of the abdomen. A full tummy tuck not only removes the skin but stitches the abdominal muscles vertically. However, Ivan Thomas, M.D, F.A.C.S. goes the extra mile and performs additional internal stitching, which makes patients' waists so much more trim, it looks like they are wearing an internal girdle. Despite the added difficulty and time, Dr. Thomas has never had to perform a touch-up or re-do in 27 years.

It's like wearing a tight girdle under your skin, which squeezes the abdomen in all directions

Ivan Thomas, M.D. today announced that his office is marking the 1,000th patient to receive his special Beverly Hills Tummy Tuck.

Technically known as a modified high lateral tension abdominoplasty, the procedure produces a waist line that is more trim, firm and athletic than a standard tummy tuck. The difference lies in painstaking internal cross-stitching of the stomach muscles, a procedure Dr. Thomas has performed for almost three decades.

After childbirth or a large weight gain, two long vertical stomach muscles running from the chest to the pubic area often part. Because those muscles -- known as the rectus abdominis -- become so stretched, they allow the contents of the abdomen to sag forward into a pot belly. Often, there is also substantial extra skin hanging over the beltline. But sadly, even the most strenuous exercises cannot return the stomach nor its muscles back to its normal shape.

Besides being unattractive, a sagging stomach has some health risks.
Liposuction and Tummy Tuck

Excess folds of heavy skin can create moisture-related skin irritation. Plus, the heavy load of a pot belly can create back problems for patients. Psychologically, many women feel less feminine with a fatty stomach and the heavy skin folds that ruin the line of current fashions. Moreover, many women say clothes are hard to find.

"A tummy tuck does not treat obesity," says Dr. Thomas. "I frequently send patients back home for six months to lose weight and later perform a tummy tuck."

Dr. Thomas also finds he gets better results when he performs liposuction on patients a few months later. The added waiting period allows the tummy tuck wounds to heal and swelling to subside, making the final result far superior. Additionally, the waiting period makes the operation safer and the lipo-sculpting much more even.
Tummy Tuck Surgery

To perform the Beverly Hills Tummy Tuck, Dr. Thomas opens the abdomen, holds the skin and tissues back, and stitches the two vertical strips of muscles back together. But he doesn't stop there: he also stitches the muscles across the beltline, pulling the patient's sides in tighter. The procedure shrinks the waist in the front-to-back dimension and the side-to-side aspect.

"It's like wearing a tight girdle under your skin, which squeezes the abdomen in all directions," says Dr. Thomas.

Patient Gail L. of Antelope Valley, California, (who asked to remain unidentified) found that after her Beverly Hills tummy tuck she had a narrower, more sculpted waist.

"For the first time in my life, I had a flat stomach," she says. "I also started receiving compliments and admiring glances from guys for the first time in many years."

Encouraged, Gail improved her diet, went to a gym regularly and lost another 40 pounds along the way, toning her stomach even more. Because she now looks much more slim and trim, Gail enjoys increased self-confidence, which carries over into her working life. The president of a non-profit firm, Gail leads a staff of 142 people.
Tummy Tuck Photos

After her procedure, new confidence allowed her to do more things, like venturing into the spotlight to perform the Master of Ceremony duties at her company's annual Christmas party. However, before her procedure, she stayed on the sidelines and brought in professional entertainers to host the event.

The Beverly Hills Tummy Tuck requires a hip-to-hip incision across the lower abdomen. However, Dr. Thomas places it within the bikini line so that underwear and most bathing suits conceal the scar. View tummy tuck before and after pictures.)
Average Cost of Tummy Tuck

Tummy tuck prices currently range from $8,000 for a mini-tummy tuck to about $15,800 for a full Beverly Hills Tummy Tuck. Request a consultation with Dr. Thomas.

The office of Dr. Ivan Thomas can accommodate speakers of Spanish, Farsi, Korean, Armenian, and English. (Contact Dr. Thomas and get directions.)


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