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Filling out those long personality trait forms on line can be a waste of time and effort. With this new software you can generate your own personality trait report from a simple 1 minute voice recording.

The state of your health is in the sound of your voice

Human BioAcoustics is the new, non-invasive health science that identifies stressed vocal frequencies from a voice recording and correlates them with muscles, enzymes, biochemicals, pathogens, toxins, amino acids, etc. to gain an understanding of what is out of balance energetically within your voice. We BioAcoustic Research Associates like to say "The state of your health is in the sound of your voice".

Once the stressed frequencies have been identified, it is possible to balance these frequencies by playing low frequency analogue sound through a sub woofer while the client simply sits back and listens. The brain is then able to utilize these low buzzing like sounds to balance the energies/frequencies that where out of balance which allows the body to return to a state of coherence and energetic health.

We know this whole technique is pretty far out and hard to believe. Just like any new science- at first -it seems miraculous and gives reasons for pause. That is why we have created a Free piece of software for you to try.

We call it NanoVoice it is a partial version of our full blown nVoice software which prints out an in-depth personality profile report from your recorded voice print. NanoVoice doesn't gather as much information as nVoice, but there is enough personality information to really astound you. In our research we have found that there are personality traits which reside within the pattern of notes you use as you speak. Your speaking rhythm and inflection hold the secrets to your true emotional self.

But you don't have to believe us- try it yourself for Free.

Once you have experienced it yourself- you will become a believer. We expect that you will begin to trust that there is important information to be gleaned from the sound of your voice. This introductory version of software can be very convincing. So convincing that you may begin to consider that there might be something to this new technology that taps into the natural feedback loop between your vocal chords, your ears and your brain. It comes with a detailed instruction manual - and there is a Free online course available from Sound Health International of Ohio (740-698-9119) if you are not a Read the Manual type of person.

How do you get it? I'll give you a link to the software to download and use for Free. Just send an email to A valid email account is required to send you the link. OR if you don't want to go through the trouble of downloading and learning to operate the software, you can get your in-depth 3-4 page personality trait report for only $14.00 by visiting and clicking on the Personality Report tab at the top of the page.


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