Simple New Decision Guide Helps Prospective US Smart Car Buyers Make a Statement

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In response to rapidly-rising gas prices, Americans are flocking to alternative forms of fuel-efficient transportation. The Mercedes Benz smart car is one choice, but deciding whether it is the right choice can be difficult without the facts. Now, a new resource is available to help consumers make intelligent car-buying decisions.

In response to rapidly-rising gas prices, Americans are flocking to alternative forms of transportation, from hybrid-powered vehicles to motor scooters and even foot transport. There are many choices, but it's not always clear which one is the best for each situation.

One such alternative to the gas crisis is the new little smart car, brought to the US this year by the Penske Group. The smart fortwo has been manufactured in Europe by Mercedes Benz for more than a decade. Europeans, plagued by high fuel costs and lack of parking space, embraced the smart car, setting the stage for its eventual migration to the States.

Early reports suggest the smart will be at least as successful here as in Europe. Over 30,000 reservations, each to the tune of $99, had been made by the time smart cars started to arrive in America this past January. Since then, 11.400 smart fortwo cars have been delivered to happy consumers, and this unique concept car is becoming a more common sight on the streets and highways of America.

But, many Americans, though intrigued, are wondering, "What is a smart car anyway? Why are people buying them? How fuel efficient are they? Are they safe to drive in the land of SUVs and monster trucks?" And the biggest question of all: "Is the smart fortwo car right for me?"

With all these questions, savvy consumers need a one-stop location on the Web where they can find all of the facts they need on the smart car to help them make an informed decision. Now, a new web-based resource,, has been launched for just that purpose. Gathering data and information from all over the Web, the site takes the prospective smart car owner through a 4-stage decision-making process:

1. Research - Gathering factual information on smart car features, safety, mileage ratings, and more
2. Evaluation - Reading, watching, and listening to smart car reviews
3. Deciding - Assessing the data, weighing and ranking importance of the issues/features, making an intelligent choice
4. Purchasing - Educating the new smart car owner in its care & maintenance

Jim McCue, the smart car enthusiast behind the site, says, "I created this website to share my passion for the smart car and because I wanted to spread the word about how all of us can make a difference in our environment."

The site also provides an opportunity for new smart car owners to come together in a virtual community called the "smart car NeighborHooD." They are able to share photos and stories about their smart car, as well as socialize with others with the same environmental sensibilities.

With out-of-pocket gas prices currently at $4 to $5 a gallon, and no slowing in sight, Americans are desperately searching for alternatives, one of which is the smart car. Educating interested smart car consumers about the pros and cons of the smart car fortwo is a high priority for Making intelligent buying decisions about alternative transportation options helps all of us work towards solutions to today's gas crisis.

About America Smart Car Guide:
Jim McCue, the "Smart Car Guy" and a high school math teacher and internet entrepreneur, launched in March 2008 to help other prospective smart car buyers in the US better understand the smart car and decide if the smart fortwo is right for them.


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