Independent Researchers Confirm QuadraBloc's Therapeutic Value

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Italian study reveals 35 percent faster healing.

We are thrilled, but not at all surprised with the results.

Italian researchers have added to the growing number of studies that confirm the benefits of using QuadraBloc™ magnetic devices to expedite the healing of bone fractures.

The study, conducted by three doctors and a nurse in the orthopedic rehabilitation unit of Parma Hospital, involved 40 patients with wrist and hand fractures. The patients were treated with standard plaster casts in which a QuadraBloc™ device was placed directly over the fracture to apply this unique constant magnetic field to the repair site. The study concluded that fractures treated with this QuadraBloc™ device (pictured in the publication) demonstrated an average improvement which was 35 percent faster than the existing standard of care.

"This acceleration in the healing of the fracture is important mostly because it reduces the period of immobilization and avoids the excessive weakness and stiffness of the joints involved, that is usually the result of such immobilization," researchers wrote in their conclusions. "Moreover, this allows the patient to begin the rehabilitative physiotherapy sooner and to achieve a faster complete functional recovery."

The research at Parma Hospital was conducted independently of Gradient Medical LLC. Townsend, in fact, said his company was completely unaware of the study or its results until the researchers made available their official published report earlier this year.

"This Italian study adds to the ever-increasing number of clinical trials that have confirmed the effectiveness of this particular quadrapolar magnetic therapy in treating a host of conditions," said John Townsend, president of Gradient Medical LLC, the purveyor of QuadraBloc™. "We are thrilled, but not at all surprised with the results."

Townsend pointed out that there are 21 studies as well as abstracts identified in Clinical Trials and Reports on the website which show the benefits of this magnetic therapy product.

"QuadraBloc™ devices are extremely effective for use as alternative pain relief for everything from lower back pain to menstrual discomfort and the nausea created by chemotherapy," Townsend said. "This study (Parma) shows their inherent effectiveness in speeding up the bone healing and the entire fracture recovery process, as well."

QuadraBloc devices are constructed by placing four individual rare earth magnets, arranged in alternating polarity in a specific patented, geometric form, and focused with an additional reflective ring inside a plastic housing so as to produce this very steep and efficacious field gradient. These powerful rare earth magnets used in this patented QuadraBloc design are arranged to amplify this steep gradient when properly placed on the targeted site.

"This quadrapolar magnetic device has long been trusted for alternative pain relief and healing," said Townsend. "We are delighted to see researchers around the world continue to confirm what we already know - magnetic therapy utilizing this unique magnetic field when properly applied can produce in many instances a very positive and low cost resolution to pain and discomfort and an accelerated improvement in the healing process without either invasive procedures or harmful side effects."

For more information about QuadraBloc™ or Gradient Medical LLC, visit and Quadrabloc on You Tube.

About Gradient Technologies LLC
Gradient Technologies LLC is a Tennessee-based limited liability company that owns the seven patents behind the QuadraBloc™ technology. Formerly marketed under the name MagnaBloc™, this QuadraBloc™ technology was once licensed to the Amway Corporation. When the license terminated in April 2008, Gradient resumed the marketing of this innovative technology.


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