Premier Club Praises the Work of the Charity Children with Leukaemia.

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Leukaemia is still claiming the lives of British children., The travel and entertainment programme offering great savings on everything from hotels to restaurants in the United Kingdom, as well as selected countries in Europe; would like to commend the work of the tremendous charity Children with Leukaemia.

Founded in the 1980's this magnificent charity was founded as a memorial charity to a dying 14 year old boy. Whilst this young child was in hospital receiving treatment he saw the suffering of other young cancer patients and begged his parents to do something that would help others. Upon losing him to the indiscriminate disease, his parents founded the charity in his honour and that of his older sister; who was also claimed by the disease in the same year. Children with Leukaemia has grown from a humble memorial charity into one of Britain's largest organisations dealing with childhood Leukaemia. The foundation for Children with Leukaemia was inaugurated by Diana princess of Wales on 12 January 1988. The Princess continued to support and encourage right up until her untimely death in 1997.

Premier Club would like to draw the public's attention to the work that this hope giving charity has been doing for over 20 years. Some of the fundamental principals of this charity are based around funding vital research into the causes and treatments of leukaemia, the supporting of families through welfare programmes, as well as campaigning on the behalf of these families. This charity is not government funded; therefore the charity relies completely on the support of the general public, celebrities and businesses in order to operate. Through a network of over 300 volunteers, fundraisers and a small team of full time permanent employees; Children with Leukaemia aims to devote as much funding as possible to grant giving.

According to the charity's website in 2006, governance costs accounted for less than 0.5% of their total expenditure.

One of the charity's first successes was reaching its initial goal; raising £2 million, which was kindly, donated to London's world renowned Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH). Even though it was the first milestone the charity had to overcome taking seven years to achieve, this donation sparked the beginning of a great partnership. Since this time, Children with Leukaemia has raised over £6.4 Million for GOSH. The charity has also expanded their support for other medical institutions alike fighting this strain of childhood cancer. Children with Leukaemia also supports childhood welfare programmes and medical research. This research and development can be broken down into the four key areas which follows:

Research into treatment

Over the past century, survival rates of patients suffering with this disease have improved, according to the charity's website. However, leukaemia still claims the lives of 1 in 5 children diagnosed with the disease in the UK. Although many patients survive, some of them are left with serious side affects that have a bearing on their day to day lives. Children with Leukaemia are constantly working towards finding new treatments that are more effective, less invasive and punishing to patients and their families. Premier Club would encourage its members as well as the general public to lend their support.

Research into cause and prevention

Although nothing is really known about the causes of childhood leukaemia, studies show that this type of cancer has increased in recent years. Links have been made to the general lifestyle of today's society. Children with Leukaemia are still carrying out research into why contraction of this devastating disease has increased in order to aid informed decision making and preventative action.

Development of research facilities

Premier Club would like to commend this charity on the capital funding they provide for scientists and the provision of improvements to research facilities.

Children with Leukaemia are constantly trying to raise the profile of this cause as much more work needs to be done to help children suffering with this terrible illness. The charity hopes that by enlightening the general public about this illness more funding can be raised to help those affected and lessen the stigma often felt by sufferers and their families alike.

Premier Club is a family orientated rewards programme whose employees understand the complexities faced by families in the UK today. Premier Club would urge the public to visit the Children with Leukaemia website and lend a helping hand to this very worthy cause.


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