JBNI Releases 100 Percent Natural Herbal Medicines ('Herbal Foods' within USA) and Sports Formulas Challenging Public Perception of TCM and Chinese Herbs

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The public's perception that Chinese Herbal Medicine is healthy but not dramatically effective has been building since the western introduction of Traditional Chinese Medicine's or TMC Herbal Medicine in the 1970's. This is due to several reasons including the fact that the most effective herbal formulas were strictly guarded within Korean / Chinese medical clans - even from other Koreans and Chinese. So the formulas that eventually passed on to the West were basic general remedies. Upgrading the tradition, JBNI is now releasing the highest potency targeted herbal formulas to the public and to doctors as a means to bolt on alternative medicine to their practice.

Herbal medicines are basically considered health food in many Western nations. This perception is due to the slow action of herbal medicine.

JBNI scientists have been working on fast acting, safe, all-natural, food-grade, herbal remedies that are as effective as commercial pharmaceutical drugs. JBNI scientists have been developing their naturaceuticals, for decades. Now, JBNI's Biodrux line of herbal formulas are available to the public and to doctors as a means to bolt on alternative medicine to their practice.

In 1974, the scientists of JBNI (aka DHI) had succeeded in developing all natural NSAID's (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs). While they tried to develop a non-anaphylactic NSAID, they also succeeded in combining this strong anti-inflammatory function with anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-amoebic qualities by focusing on boosting the human immune function. As a result, their natural formula, Formula 15.1, became the first anti-biotic which also eliminates fungal growth, while remaining a powerful anti-inflammatory.

In 1978, JBNI (aka OMR) scientists further succeeded in formulating over 50 natural internal and external remedies. These formulas have proven their safety to be as gentle as daily food, yet JBNI formulas have proven efficacy comparable to brand name pharmaceuticals.

In 1989, JBNI (aka JJHC) succeeded in improving its formidable Formula 15.1 by strengthening its anti-inflammatory action and pain killing capability by four times, designating it the new number 15.3, commercially available as Bioprin(tm). SEE: http://jbni.blogspot.com/2008/06/bioprin-cancer-and-harvard-medical.html

In 1991, JBNI (aka JJI) scientists joined the force with TSRA and further improved their remedies in areas such as safety and efficacy. All of the oral formulas were raised to a new level of safety, beyond any government or public standards: zero side effects at single dose of 1/500 -1/100 of body weight. Many formulas were also tested against metastatic breast cancer, which is closely related to lung cancer, colorectal cancer, and skin cancer. While JBNI and TSRA scientists were striving to set new industrial standards, they discovered that the FDA did not have any limitation on heavy metals in food products at the time.

FDA scientists developed new standards on heavy metal, herbicide and pesticide content in the health food products due to data suggested by TSRA and JBNI scientists.

In 1993, JBNI (aka JJI) started distributing its remedies as nutritional supplements exclusively to the licensed physicians in the USA, including MD, DO, LAc and DC. This was implemented as part of a long term clinical observation strategy.

Since 2001, JBNI (aka JJI) scientists intensified their research in the fields of Genomics, Genetics, DNA, Proteomics and Biomarkers. Together with IDD, CTRC, Beckman, Cyphergen, Luminex, Millipore and Panamix, JBNI scientists succeeded in identifying biomarkers to forecast many types of cancer decades early. JBNI scientists together with IDD, CTRC, and CPC have been leading their peers in cancer prevention studies ever since. In recognition, their abstracts are annually featured in AACR, NIH, NCI and EORTC conventions.

In 2004, Azmazin, one of the JBNI products received an IND number from the FDA as an asthma drug. It is expected to soon become the first oral, natural drug approved by the FDA in history. JBNI plans to apply for drug approval for each of their products once Azmazin's approval process is finalized.

In 2007, JBNI, after three decades of carefully observed, closed, physician only distribution made select products available to the public. These products are sold as nutritional supplements with no claims. The same year, JBNI made these formulas available online at http://www.jbni.us.


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