Permanent Cosmetics the Foundation of Fundamental Applications

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A Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals Publication the ultimate training tool for Permanent Makeup Trainers

A long-awaited textbook on the subject of permanent cosmetics - Permanent Cosmetics - The Foundation of Fundamental Applications, by Marjorie Grimm, CPCP, past president of the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals (SPCP) is now available for purchase and is due to ship in September. The culmination of this collaborative effort represents the quest to present long sought after facts, while dispelling many myths that have affected the permanent cosmetic industry for decades.

Grimm began the research for the book in 2005 in collaboration with the SPCP and industry experts. Kate Ciampi, RN, CPCP, David Vidra, LPN, an OSHA Outreach instructor; Elizabeth Finch, CPCP, a bench chemist and Liza Sims, CPCP, an esthetician, were called upon for subject-related factual information in their perspective areas of expertise. In addition to the support and input of industry experts, Marjorie also solicited and received permission to use critical medical and esthetics related data from a selection of cooperative sources. The result of such a broad compilation of research is a comprehensive textbook of information that will be used to affirm existing methodologies and set new standards of practice for the permanent cosmetics industry.

The book is written nonspecific to any device or product, ensuring its objective that the information will be applicable to all, regardless of preferences in this regard, their tenure or interest in the industry. Color photographs are used throughout the textbook, citing unique examples of permanent cosmetic applications that were previously only spoken of in past presentations. In addition to pictorial examples, technical concepts are provided from many perspectives.

The book is written as a resource for the technician, trainer, and student; offering guidelines for new concepts and applications of permanent cosmetics and providing practical and relevant information for all who are associated with the industry.

Permanent Cosmetics-The Foundation of Fundamental Applications is a refreshing infusion of information written for an industry and public eager for facts.

Creating the Future for the Permanent Cosmetic Industry…

The SPCP was founded in 1990 and remains the largest nonprofit individual member organization worldwide. Dedicated to promoting safety, excellence, and high professional standards, the SPCP provides innovative learning experiences and practice-enhancing materials, a professionally developed certification examination, and subject matter experts to provide guidance to its members, associated professionals, regulators, the media, and the general public. The SPCP, through its global membership, sets industry guidelines and standards by applying sound principles of its Code of Ethics.

Marjorie Grimm, CPCP began her career in permanent cosmetics in 1993, having been impressed with her hairdresser's permanent eyeliner. This led her to seek education in the industry where she happened to meet Mary Jane Haake at a beauty show in San Jose, who then introduced her to the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals. This introduction to the SPCP would forever change her career path.

Majorie holds the prestigious position as one of the most credentialed people in the permanent cosmetics industry. As an SPCP Director, she was appointed President of the SPCP and served a two-year term from 2003-2005. Marjorie is a recipient of the coveted Industry Leader Award. She has also served as the SPCP's publicist, legislative consultant, and the assistant editor for the SPCP Quarterly. Marjorie is a certified trainer and subject matter expert. She operates Faces by Design Studio, in both San Jose California, and Seattle Washington.

TITLE: Permanent Cosmetics
SUBTITLE: The Foundation of Fundamental Applications
PUBLISHER: Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals
AVAILABILITY: Current orders shipped in September, 2008
PRICE: $149 USD; Softcover


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