Recession Proof Church Giving

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Practical help has arrived for America's churches during this economic recession. From an expert in Christian philanthropy and fundraising, author and motivational speaker, Dr. Steve McSwain, provides inspiration and guidance that will encourage generosity in his book, "The Giving Myths". The insights he shares, garnished from years of experience in Christian philanthropy, will recession proof the church during the downturn in the economy.

It is there you'll find the answers in your search for what motivates giving. Grace is the key that unlocks the door on the generosity quotient in a person's life.

Dr. Steve McSwain's book, "The Giving Myths" (Smyth & Helwys Publishing, Inc.), offers practical help to America's churches in Christian giving. With more than thirty years in Christian philanthropy and fundraising, Dr. McSwain has provided consultation to hundreds of Christian churches representing virtually every Christian communion in America (Evangelical, Protestant, Roman Catholic).

In consultation with religious leaders, Dr. McSwain is frequently asked, "What's the real reason that giving is declining in most churches today? Is it the economy?"

"No," he responds. "Economic downturns do make religious people more conscientious about how and where they give and invest. When wages are frozen, commissions are smaller, and prices are higher, the coffers will be lighter. That's a fact. But, the economy has very little to do with the decline in the number of coins that ring in today's coffers. Even when the economy was booming, giving was waning. Giving has been declining for decades."

"A more important question is: 'What motivates generosity at all? Regardless of the economy, why would any person give anything?'"

Dr. McSwain says, "Generosity is never tied to your circumstances, but to your convictions. If the economy had anything to do with giving, the Macedonians, about whom Saint Paul wrote in sacred scripture, had every reason to quarantine the meager resources they did have. Instead, however--and this is what shocked Saint Paul--their generosity was outlandish."

"Just as in Macedonia, this kind of outlandish generosity exists today," says Dr. McSwain, "but it isn't because of sermons on tithing or the pulpit scolding of those who do not give. If you're interest is in growing a spiritually healthy church, motivation for giving must come from somewhere other than guilt for not giving or shame for giving too little."

In his book, "The Giving Myths", Dr. McSwain demonstrates, through a cadre of inspirational examples, that generosity is motivated through a deep, life-transforming experience of divine grace. "You never have to beg from people who have experienced grace," he says, "but you almost always have to beg from those who have not."

"If you find there is a decline in giving in your church, look for a deficit of grace in people's lives," says Dr. McSwain. "It is there you'll find the answers in your search for what motivates giving. Grace is the key that unlocks the door on the generosity quotient in a person's life." Discover how to cultivate grace in people's lives in this provocative book, "The Giving Myths", and make your church recession proof today.

Dr. Steve McSwain has more than thirty years of experience in Christian ministry, Christian giving, and in philanthropy. As the bestselling author, Dr. McSwain inspires audiences all over America. His message is warmly received in every Christian communion--whether Evangelical, mainline Protestant, or Roman Catholic. It is not uncommon, for example, to find Dr. McSwain addressing evangelicals one week and inspiring an audience of Roman Catholics the next. In September, he'll be leading a weekend "Get the Life You've Always Wanted - Generosity Workshop" at one of the largest Catholic communions in the Midwest. If you are interested in booking Dr. McSwain for a speaking engagement or a humor-filled and inspirational workshop, contact Jim Rittenhouse at at Or, call Mr. Rittenhouse at (800) 955-4746. Dr. McSwain is regularly heard and seen on radio and television programs across the country.

Dr. McSwain's book "The Giving Myths" is rapidly rising as the most provocative, yet easy-to-read, book on Christian giving in the twenty-first century. Dozens of church leaders have written Dr. McSwain already to express gratitude for the forthright, but practical way he deals with one of the biggest issues facing churches today. What's more, Dr. McSwain receives no royalties from the sale of his book. All proceeds are donated to Order from the publisher: Smyth & Helwys Publishing House at . Or, visit any of the on-line retail bookstore outlets: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders, etc. Learn more about Dr. McSwain at:


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