Beverly Hills Cosmetic Surgeons Join Forces as Weekly Bloggers

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Ever wonder how you can get bargain prices from top plastic surgeons? Or why patients must first go through extensive physical exams before rejuvenation surgery? The answers to these and many other questions about plastic surgery are found on a new blog that carries two eminent Beverly Hills plastic surgeons, Robert Kotler, M.D. and Stuart Linder, M.D. Jointly, they are known as "Tuck 'N' Stitch."

Facial cosmetic surgeon Robert Kotler, M.D., announced his partnership today with top body plastic surgeon, Stuart Linder, M.D., in a popular new blog, in which the duo are known as "Tuck 'N' Stitch."

Plastic Surgery Insiders

Dr. Kotler, who specializes exclusively in cosmetic procedures of the head and neck, is slated as the "FaceDocBlogger" while Dr. Linder, who offers only body procedures, is known as the "BodyDocBlogger." The doctors, who are billed as "the ultimate plastic surgery insiders," appear weekly in the blog.

Additionally, both are book authors and have appeared on leading television programs like Dr. 90210, Discovery Health, E.T., Extra, The Learning Channel, CNN and BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation.) Moreover, both are often quoted in leading publications like the Wall Street Journal, Newsweek and large dailies like the L.A. Times and the New York Times .

"In a world where incredible amounts of bad information are passed around as gospel truth, Dr. Linder and I want to set the record straight about many heretofore unrevealed aspects of plastic surgery," says Dr. Kotler.

Costs of Plastic Surgery

For instance, many rejuvenation surgery patients are surprised to learn that discounts are available from even top plastic surgeons during certain times of the years and under certain other conditions. A special, cost-of-plastic-surgery feature, Negotiate Fees with Your Plastic Surgeon in the blog explains exactly why and how you, too, can request a discount from your surgeon.

Of course, not all topics are sweetness and light.

"Even in the most capable of hands, an occasional plastic surgery procedure can produce unsatisfying results," says Dr. Linder. "We explain the top five ways for patients to handle the situation in Top 5 Remedies for Unsatisfying Plastic Surgery.

Before and After Pictures

Both doctors are board certified in their specialty, belong to the leading plastic and cosmetic surgery associations on the local, state and national level and offer decades of surgical experience, along with the before and after pictures of many, many happy patients.

For instance, while Dr. Kotler has performed over 4,000 rhinoplasties (cosmetic nose surgeries), Dr. Linder has provided breast augmentations for Playboy centerfolds.

"Occasionally, we both operate on one patient during one surgical session," says Dr. Kotler. "Those experiences resulted in a blog about super-specialists and team plastic surgery.

Hollywood's Awful Plastic Surgery

Tuck 'N' Stitch also keep a weather eye out for the peccadilloes of Hollywood's elite who may or may not experience excellent outcomes from their many plastic surgery sessions. One such blog, Hollywood's Awful Plastic Surgery, pinpoints the common mistakes many performing artistis make before choosing a procedure and selecting a surgeon……who may or may not be qualified.    
Yet another blog entry, Priscilla Presley and Her Silicone Woes offers a surgeon's eye view on when and where Ms. Presley went so wrong, she made herself much less attractive.
In a separate but related blog entry, Drs. Kotler and Linder tell how celebrities manage to have plastic surgery in secret. The doctors know because both surgeons must make sure their own famous patients remain unseen during rejuvenation surgery visits!

Other engrossing -- and highly useful -- topics include:

*Anesthesia is No Longer a Bug-Bear.
*Top Myths and Misconceptions about Plastic Surgery.
*Importance of Plastic Surgery in Weddings.
*How to Know You Are Really Ready for Plastic Surgery.
*How to Spot Overblown, Misleading Plastic Surgery Ads.
*Top 10 Signs You Need a Body or Face Re-do.
*Top 10 Things to Do for Self-Care after Plastic Surgery.
*How Plastic Surgery Changes Patients' Lives.

Plastic Surgery Patients

"The coming months promise to reveal much more insider information that only Beverly Hills plastic surgeons are in a position to know," Says Dr. Linder. "We trust our readers -- especially, plastic surgery patients -- will enjoy, learn from and profit by the many postings in the blog."


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