Community Gas Partners Changes the Oil & Gas Industry

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A 'different' kind of oil & gas company is changing the face of the industry

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In a time of intense competition, emerging technologies, and increased demand, our unique and innovative strategy is making its mark on the oil and natural gas industry.

As you are undoubtedly aware, the consumer demand for oil and natural gas is at an all time peak. The need and push to reduce our dependence on foreign energy is creating the largest expansion in domestic drilling operations in ages. This push is creating an increase in technological achievements allowing the exploration of areas previously too difficult or expensive to produce. New advancements in drilling practices are also allowing the re-development of previously tapped reserves. While the competition and demand for more domestic energy increases, the available areas capable of production are rapidly decreasing.

For over a hundred years, drilling companies have searched numerous formations for better and longer lasting natural gas formations, and the search in the Appalachian Basin was no different. New technology is enabling drilling companies to produce unprecedented volumes of gas from the most prolific play in the United States, the Marcellus Shale.

Geologists have concluded there are trillions of cubic feet of natural gas reserves trapped in the Marcellus Shale throughout the Appalachian Basin. The competition from ever increasing numbers of drilling, operating and leasing companies are causing the individual mineral and land owners to receive confusing advertisements, phone calls and offers. These companies are targeting communities, individual land owners and mineral investors in an attempt to secure the most amount of leasehold acreage for the lowest price possible. As an individual land or mineral owner, no doubt you too are being solicited from various competing companies, presenting you wildly varying leases with inadequate protections for your clients and their land.

Community Gas Partners (CGP) is a community oriented business organization founded to assist everyone from the individual landowner with a few hundred acres to the large trust advisors who control thousands of acres. Our revolutionary program gives the best payments possible to you and your clients, while removing the burden of lease negotiating which will reduce profits and delay progress. However, that is only the first benefit of our program: CGP examines operating/drilling companies through a multi-point vetting procedure. Only those companies who meet our strict requirements are given the opportunity to acquire our aggregated leasehold acreage. This vetting procedure strengthens our relationship with you and your clients as you know your participation in our program will ultimately lead to the production of oil and natural gas in a safe, environmentally responsible, profitable and prudent manner from your clients' properties.

CGP has developed a lease designed with you, the individual landowner in mind. We have traveled the 'Extra Mile' to ensure your clients' property is treated with the upmost respect it deserves. Our lease is included in this presentation, along with our outstanding protections. While we have tailored our lease to accommodate the majority of our clients, we understand you may have unique needs. CGP is more than willing to address any additional concerns you may have, and will tailor our lease to meet with your requests.

CGP Areas of Concentration
Community Gas Partners is primarily focused on the Marcellus Shale formation in the Appalachian Basin. The Marcellus Shale formation, also classified as the Marcellus Subgroup of the Hamilton Group, Marcellus Member of the Romney Formation, or simply the Marcellus Shale, is a unit of marine sedimentary rock found in eastern North America. Marcellus Shale is named for a distinctive outcrop near the village of Marcellus, New York. The shale extends throughout much of the Appalachian Basin. This formation contains largely untapped natural gas reserves, and its proximity to the high-demand markets along the East Coast of the United States makes it an attractive target for energy development.

Stratigraphically, the Marcellus Shale is the lowest unit of the Devonian age Hamilton Group, and is divided into several sub-units. Although black shale is the dominant lithology, it also contains lighter shales and interbedded limestone layers due to sea level variation during its deposition almost 400 million years ago. The black shale was deposited in relatively deep water devoid of oxygen, making it only sparsely fossiliferous. Most fossils are contained in the limestone members, and the fossil record in these layers provides important paleontologal insights on faunal turnovers.

The United States Geological Survey had estimated that the Marcellus contained only 1.9 trillion cubic feet of technically recoverable natural gas in a 2002 publication. In 2008, Terry Engelder, a Pennsylvania State University geosciences professor called his estimate of 168 trillion cubic feet conservative. State University of New York at Fredonia geology professor Gary Lash has calculated that more than 500 trillion cubic feet of natural gas may be contained in the Marcellus black shale beds that lie between New York state and West Virginia. At the present level of technology, he believes approximately 10% of this, or 50 trillion cubic feet, could be recovered. This is enough to satisfy approximately two years' of total U.S. consumption, or a total value of approximately One Trillion Dollars.

Before 2000, gas wells were drilled to the Marcellus, but these had a low rate of return, requiring a relatively long capital recovery period, although they did have a very long productive life. Now, to extract the shale gas at more commercially viable rates, directional drilling occurs to depths of 7,000 feet to 10,000 feet to reach the formation, and then water or a specialized gel is pumped into the rock under high pressure in a process known as hydraulic fracturing to release the gas from the low permeability shale. This is a technique that was only perfected around the turn of the 21st century outside Fort Worth, Texas to tap the reserves in the Barnett Formation shales of the Bend Arch-Fort Worth Basin, that are now the most prolific source of unconventional gas in the continental United States. The Marcellus covers several times more area, stretching 600 miles, compared to a linear extent of only 170 miles for the Barnett.

It is for these reasons that CGP is concentrating on the Marcellus Shale, and specifically we are focusing our efforts on the formation as it lays in southern New York, southwestern Pennsylvania, north central West Virginia, and the western-most counties of Maryland. In addition to specific favorable geology, CGP also bases our efforts on the availability of existing transportation infrastructure.

While we are primarily concentrating on the Marcellus Shale in the above-mentioned areas, we continue to expand our holdings in other areas of the United States to include the Fayetteville Shale in Arkansas, and the Haynesville Shale in Louisiana. Regardless of where you may hold mineral interests, Community Gas Partners' program is a beneficial tool.

Our Promises to You
Community Gas Partners was founded by two independent landmen. While working for various companies, these landmen were tasked with obtaining leases from individual landowners for the least amount of money possible. They were taught the 'tricks of the trade', they were told to 'de-value' the appearance of the property and given authorization to only change minor wording in the leases. They learned how many of the properties were seriously damaged or compromised by drilling activities as the landowner had not demanded strict and specific protections.

While these two landmen were highly successful in their careers and managed to collectively place under lease approximately 275,000 acres for between $5.00 to $15.00 per acre, neither could sleep very well at night, knowing they were taking advantage of the landowner. When the two landmen decided to band together and fight for the rights of the landowner, a new age dawned in the oil and gas industry and Community Gas Partners was born. Recently branded as "The Robin Hood of the Oil & Gas Industry", Community Gas Partners has taken the oil and gas industry by storm. Amassing more acres per week than most major companies place under lease in months, Community Gas Partners is recognized by industry leaders as the 'go-to' company to obtain Marcellus Shale leasehold acres. Community leaders from across the Appalachian Basin contact CGP to provide their communities with first-hand information on lease negotiating and property protections. Groups of people who are holding out for a better lease with better payments participate with CGP's revolutionary leasing program. Individual landowners call, email and visit CGP to place their acreage under a lease they know to be superior to any offer they have ever received.

Founded on three basic principles, CGP bridges the gap between the individual and the industry. 1) Faithfully represent the land/mineral owner in commanding the best price per-acre for an oil and gas lease; 2) Provide the land/mineral owner a lease containing superior protections for both them and for the surface; 3) Assign the leases to companies who constantly demonstrate superior drilling practices, environmental responsibility and strict adhesion to CGP's protective lease.

  •     Community Gas Partners, promises to treat your land with the respect it deserves. We realize the decisions you make today will not only affect the lives of your children and grandchildren, but the environment as well - which affect all of us.
  •     Community Gas Partners will fight for the best prices we can obtain per-acre for your mineral interests. Community Gas Partners will give you a lease containing the most detailed and concise protections the industry can give for you and your land.
  •     Community Gas Partners will work with you in tailoring our lease to meet any specific requirements you have regarding your land and mineral interests.

Our founders now sleep well at night. Their consciences are clear. They know they have developed the most powerful leasing program in the Appalachian Basin. They know they are helping those who would have otherwise been taken advantage of. Give yourself the same peace of mind, and encourage your friends, neighbors and family members to participate in our program.

Community Gas Partners
"Representing Our Neighbors, One Lease At A Time"
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