Would Lindsay Lohan 'Qualify' for an Individual Florida Health Insurance Policy?

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If you think being rich and famous can get you absolutely anything in life, you may be shocked to learn that the health insurance industry plays by a different set of rules.

Living the "lifestyles of the rich and famous" is a dream most people will never experience. As an example, Lindsay Lohan has reached a level of success that affords her an enviable way of life. Regrettably, fame and fortune alone are not enough if you need Individual Florida Medical Insurance. Even wealthy celebrities cannot access health coverage on a "guaranteed-issue" basis in most states, and any number of "adverse" medical conditions could deem you as Persona Non Grata.

Money to pay health insurance premiums may be a stumbling block for many Americans, but that is only one obstacle you will face when applying for an Individual Florida Health Insurance plan. The more difficult challenge is that you will need to be "healthy" in order to qualify under the insurance carriers' guidelines. According to Peoples Health Insurance representative Holly Hail, "The need for universal access to coverage must be a priority for all Americans or financial ruin is what a person will face if they become sick and are caught uninsured." As an illustration, look no further than headline frequenter Lindsay Lohan to understand the difficulties you may experience.

It has been well documented that Lindsay Lohan has struggled with alcohol and possible drug use. Other health issues she has been rumored to suffer from are eating disorders that caused her weight to visibly change. Although her exact medical facts are unknown, insurance companies scrutinize these areas for all applicants. Underwriters ultimately play the lead role in determining your eligibility for coverage.

Lindsay Lohan sought rehabilitation at the Wonderland Center facility in Laurel Canyon, CA., in 2007. For most people, that may sound like a responsible thing to do. In reality, checking into a "facility" could become a permanent black mark on your personal medical history. As one leading health insurance carrier states in their underwriting guidelines, "2 or more hospital admissions in 10-years (alcohol related) - Application Denied!" In laymen's terms, checking into a facility for necessary care may be a direct factor resulting in your application for Individual Florida Health Insurance being denied.

If checking into a hospital for treatment seems like an extreme reason to be locked out of the health insurance market, what would you say if your weight were to fluctuate by a noticeable amount? Unfortunately, most carriers are very sensitive to a person's weight. As another insurer states, "5' 5" females must weigh between 106lbs - 183lbs to be considered standard." In other words, you cannot be too thin or too heavy. Otherwise, your chances of finding an affordable Individual Florida Medical plan are greatly reduced.

Peoples Health Insurance agent Holly Hail states, "Without reforms, these and other barriers will continue to deny health insurance to many individuals and families who need coverage." With the election over and the Obama-Biden administration heading to Washington, DC, healthcare reform must remain a priority. In January, 2009, Senator Kennedy, Democrat of Massachusetts, is expected to introduce his initiatives. Senator Max Baucus, Democrat of Montana, and Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, has already released his 89-page healthcare proposal.

According to Senator Baucus, "American families - and our economy - are in crisis over health care. We can't get coverage to the 61 million who are either uninsured or underinsured without a major overhaul of the system, and there's no way to really solve America's economic troubles without fixing health care for the long term." One important difference between the proposed legislation Senator Baucus has introduced and that of President elect Obama, is that Senator Baucus would require all Americans to have coverage. That goal can only be achieved if everyone is accepted into the new healthcare model, including applicants who may have pre-existing health conditions, like a Lindsay Lohan.

The heated healthcare debate has come to a crossroad as American's will soon rely upon the newly elected Democratic leadership to spearhead reforms. Although changes are on the way, it is too early to identify which ideals will ultimately prevail. A centerpiece of the Obama-Biden election campaign was that all Americans would be guaranteed access to coverage. In 2009, it is hopeful that Americans will have expanded health insurance options within a newly revamped healthcare system.

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