With Two Decades of Athletic Experience, NutritionalSupplementsOnTheWeb.com is Much More than a Store

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Many nutritional websites will simply rely on generic descriptions of their products and sell them without asking the customer what their fitness goals are. For over a year, NutritionalSupplmentsOnTheWeb.com has taken the two decades that owner Kurt Sokolski has to produce a quality website providing a positive resource for people who are looking for the right supplements to achieve their goals. Now, Sokolski is expanding his product line and he has also added a new blog to get people the right advice.

I will also explain the building blocks of nutrition, such as how to eat better so people can perform better athletically and personally.

For over 20 years, Kurt Sokolski has been a strength athlete and a powerlifting champion. Now his experience has been manifested into a well put-together, user-friendly website, http://www.NutritionalSupplementsOnTheWeb.com. Sokolski started the site in May 2007 after seeing how other companies were marketing supplements and vitamins.

"I was frustrated with the marketing gimmicks," explained Sokolski. "There's lots of confusion within the industry, but I've been using these supplements and I know how they work. I want to show people that there's a store out there that is good and honest."

Sokolski's knowledge is something that many people utilize, whether they're novice or semi-professional athletes. "I have practical experience using the products for a number of years as a competitive athlete," said Sokolski. "Many other websites and stores sell supplements based on the branding, but for me, it's about choosing the right product and giving people accurate advice."

All the products on NutritionalSupplementsOnTheWeb.com are recognizable, popular brands and as his site continues to gain traction, Sokolski is making plans to expand his product selection.

"I'm constantly researching new products. Right now the site is focused on sports nutrition, but I am currently expanding into herbs and other nutritional supplements that will benefit non-athletes. I will be selling supplements that can assist with disease prevention and health maintenance," said Sokolski.

Along with expanding his online catalog, Sokolski has launched a new blog, http://www.NutritionalSupplementsInfo.com. "I will be talking about unique products and my training and which supplements are more effective for particular goals," he said. "I will also explain the building blocks of nutrition, such as how to eat better so people can perform better athletically and personally."

Unlike many other webstore owners, Kurt Sokolski, a strength athlete who still competes, is able to apply his knowledge and experience while trying to help others achieve their physical goals and potential.

About the Company:
NuritionalSupplementsOnTheWeb.com is a part of the EJS Group, which is owned and operated by Kurt Sokolski. Sokolski is a powerlifting champion and also has a background in architectural design. The company donates to Christ Community Church in Mooresville, NC.

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Kurt Sokolski
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